Lawmakers push Biden to declare public health emergency on abortion

Lawmakers push Biden to declare public health emergency on abortion


More than 80 democratically lawmakers are preparing to send a letter Tuesday urging President Biden to issue a state of emergency and a state of emergency in response to the ouster of the government. Roe v. Wade while Biden is facing pressure to respond to a Supreme Court ruling.

“As we have experienced in the COVID-19 epidemic, an emergency announcement could provide new strength and flexibility in responding to emergencies,” policymakers, led by Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Tex.) And Rep. Lizzie. Fletcher (D-Tex.), Wrote a letter to Biden and Health and Human Services secretary Xavier Becerra. a developed country – should rise, with negative consequences for ethnic groups. ”

Several Democratic lawmakers, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Has asked Biden in recent days to announce a public health crisis to highlight the dangers that regulators are seeing in the abolition of abortion rights and how they will affect them. women all over the country. The letter from 81 Democratic lawmakers also adds to the pressure Biden has been facing from his party to respond fully to debt relief and to alleviate the anger and fear that millions of women feel.

Doctors and abortion activists have warned that contraception and abortion pills will cause health problems for millions of people, including those in need of physical therapy. Biden signed a major law last week to protect access to abortion and emergency contraception.

“Controlling abortion can unnecessarily disrupt life-saving medical care in the event of complications or abortions. Health experts warn that in the aftermath of the catastrophic decision, the risk of death for US women – which is already very common in developed countries – should rise, and severely disrupt ethnic communities, “lawmakers wrote.

Biden on Sunday said he was considering whether to consider abortion announcements in the event of an emergency. “That ‘s what I have asked … the state-run medical community to look into, if … I have the authority to do this and what the consequences might be,” Biden said when asked about the announcement.

But some in her state are skeptical of this, saying it will not open new finances or governments or significantly affect the chances of abortion for women living in states that have banned or banned the practice. Some officials, including HHS, have contributed to this because it could show that the White House sees the issue more closely and is able to support the President politically.

Some legal experts doubt that the declaration of a national emergency and a state of emergency could completely change the course of human rulers. They also consider that an emergency must be resolved within certain limits and that, without congressional law, there will be no end.

Announcements may open up new currencies, but how the funds can be distributed or spent is unknown. But this could be formally challenged by a Republican attorney general and could be met by Supreme Court judges who voted to overturn. Roe v. Wadesaid Lawrence Gostin, professor of medicine at Georgetown University and director of the Institute for National and Global Health Law.

“I think [advocates] increasing the amount of money and power it can produce, as well as the potential negative consequences of doing so, “Gostin said. …

A national emergency report, under the Stafford Act, is used to respond to natural disasters, such as floods or hurricanes, and is administered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Both the Trump administration and Biden also used the coronavirus, but this declaration did not apply to medical problems such as abortion. Legal experts have questioned her ability to address the problem of abortion.

An emergency public health announcement, issued by the Secretary of Health and Human Services, may provide new funding, but its impact on the program is unclear.

HHS issued a revised guideline on Monday stating clearly that state law allows for abortion prevention and protection of medical jurisdiction in providing care, including abortion if necessary to calm the patient in the event of an emergency.

Lawmakers praised Biden’s law but said their work was not over.

“Presidential decree was a good place to start, but not a good place to stop,” Fletcher said. “In order to respond effectively, we need to use every available tool to protect patients and health care providers, and to advertise public emergencies to deliver the necessary equipment.”

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