The impact of migration and migration on the health of refugees and migrants depends on the situation in their country, reflecting factors such as policy, access to health care, integration into the communities they live in, and life, work, environment and transportation. Ensuring that health systems and stakeholders and health workers are aware of the health needs of refugees and migrants is critical to protecting and promoting the health and well-being of refugees and migrants, which also benefits the communities they live with. It is an important part of global health and fundamental to a fundamental principle – the right to health for all.

For these reasons, the World Health Organization is launching first International report on the health of migrants and refugees, provides international evidence on the health problems faced by migrants and refugees during their journey and in their host country, and raises awareness of the health of these people around the world. The report identifies trends, opportunities, and practices in protecting and promoting the health of immigrants and refugees and highlights resources and actions that can improve their health and well-being.

The press conference to launch the report will be shown on all WHO channels. Translation in all UN languages ​​- Arabic, Chinese English, French, Russian and Spanish – as well as Hindi and Portuguese.


Opening remarks:

Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General, WHO

Guest speakers:

Prof Abdulrazak Gurnah, Novelist and Professor, Nobel Prize in Literature (2021)

Dr Waheed Arian, NHS Emergency Doctor, Author of In the Wars, Humanitarian and Refugee Advocate, Founder of Arian Teleheal and Arian Wellbeing

Questions and Answers:

Dr Zsuzsanna Jakab, Deputy Director-General, WHO

Dr Santino Severoni, Director, Health and Migration Programme, WHO

Contact details

More details on Zoom’s phone connections will be available soon.

The press conference can be followed on all WHO corporate channels.

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