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The last surviving member of an uncontacted indigenous tribe in Brazil has passed away, according to Funai, the country’s indigenous protection organisation.

According to the non-profit organisation Survival International, he was known as the “Man of the Hole” and had spent the previous 26 years living alone on native Tanaru property in the Brazilian Amazon’s Rondonia state.
His propensity for digging deep tunnels to hide in and use as animal traps earned him the nickname, according to the group.
Authorities continued to keep an eye on the man from a distance and periodically left supplies for him, but he had rejected all attempts to get in touch with him.

According to Survival International, attacks from mostly land speculators and cattle ranchers since the 1970s have wiped off the rest of his tribe.
According to Fiona Watson, the organization’s head of research and advocacy, “No one outside of his tribe knew this man’s name or even very much about his tribe — and with his death the genocide of his people is complete.”
Because cattle ranchers seeking land and profit intentionally wiped out an entire tribe, this was in fact a genocide.

Funai officials discovered the man’s death in a hammock in a cabin on August 23. There were no indications of conflict, violence, or the presence of other persons nearby.
According to Funai, he passed away of natural causes, and the Federal Police will examine his body forensically.
The “Man of the Hole’s” last known video, which Funai posted in 2018, appeared to show him using an ax-like instrument to chop at a tree.
According to Survival International, he grew crops like papaya and corn and built homes out of thatch and straw. His abandoned campsites left traces of his way of life.