Russell Westbrook is parting ways with longtime agent Thad Foucher of Wasserman over what the agent describes as “irreconcilable differences,” Adrian Wojnarowski reported. While the player-agent separation is nothing new, Foucher released a lengthy statement about his now-expired relationship with Westbrook that doesn’t paint the former MVP very well.

“I represented Russell Westbrook for 14 years and I’m proud of our partnership that included the best 2008 draft, the best contract and the only add-on-add-on deal in history. I also helped Russell throughout his rise to fame. He recently made three consecutive trades in ‘replacement for Russell — which culminated in his trade to the Los Angeles Lakers.

“Each time, teams gave up players and valuable resources to get Russell – and each time, a new organization welcomed his arrival. We did it together with grace and class.

“Now, with the possibility of a fourth trade in four years, the market tells the Lakers to add more value with Russell in any trade. And even then, such a trade would require Russell to leave the new team. through a buyout.

“My belief is that this kind of sale will only reduce the value of Russell and the best way is to remain with the Lakers, to receive the starting role and the support that Darvin Ham gave publicly. Russell is the first player of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. and he will prove that before he retires.

“Unfortunately, irreconcilable differences exist regarding his best way forward and we are no longer working together. I wish Russell and his family the best.”

If Foucher is ending his relationship with Westbrook because he disagrees on how to further his career and wants the former star point guard to stay with the Lakers, it makes sense that Westbrook himself would prefer to leave Los Angeles. However, according to Dan Woike of the Los Angeles TimesWestbrook has never requested a trade.

Of course, it’s also important to say that they didn’t have to. It’s no secret that the Lakers would love to trade him, they’re just deciding what’s happened. Reports have indicated that they don’t want to trade the first pick just to lose Westbrook, and so far, only Kyrie Irving has been selected for the pick. Irving, a top scorer and former teammate of James’, appears to be easy to manage without providing the star talent the Lakers hope to add to Westbrook.

At least publicly, the Lakers gave some indication that they still think Westbrook can be that kind of star. As Foucher said, new head coach Darvin Ham has been very supportive of Westbrook publicly. “Don’t get me wrong, Russell is one of the best players our league has ever seen, and there’s a ton left in that tank,” Ham. he said at his first press conference. “I don’t know why people like to try to write him off… Russ and I have had a really, really big 1-on-1 conversation, and the biggest word that came out of that conversation was sacrifice. We’re going to give whatever we have to do, and it’s not just Russ. There’s been sacrifices. what LeBron needs to do, what AD needs to do, down to the bottom line of our entire roster.”

However, when you read between the lines, the messages from the Lakers players were not positive. James and Westbrook were on opposite sides of the court as they both participated in summer league last week. After the news of the split between Westbrook and Foucher, Rich Paul, who represents James and many other Laker players, tweeted “it’s a cool game!” Overall, the idea that the Lakers could keep Westbrook has been a bit of an exercise. That ability is a waste of energy.

Agents rarely talk openly about their relationships with former clients. It’s a bad business. Why send a message to potential future customers that you’re willing to air their dirty laundry like this? It is difficult to say at this time which words will be useful and how they will affect the future of Westbrook. It won’t make him a hard sell because, nobody wants him the way he is. Maybe this will give the Lakers some quick recognition. If Westbrook wants to leave Los Angeles badly enough to separate himself from an agent he thinks should be there, then it probably sends a message to the Lakers that keeping him would be foolish.

This is all speculation at this point. What’s happening now is unprecedented, but so is much of what happened to the Lakers last season. For now, the goal remains the same. In a perfect world, the Lakers would be able to trade Westbrook and select Irving. But what if this forces them to cast a wider net for potential deals? It couldn’t hurt them. If even Westbrook’s agent can no longer work with him, there is no reason to believe that the Lakers want him.

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