Like Inspector Gadget himself, the latest iteration of this popular IP is a cyborg, mixing modern and human elements to create a very unique character.

Californian publisher Gamisodes has announced a new release of “gamified” episodes based on the first season (65 x 22 minutes) of the classic cartoon series. Inspector Gadget.

This is how Gamisodes received its first license, which it signed with Canada’s WildBrain, the owner of the Inspector Gadget IP. The NFT launch will be done in partnership with Vancouver-based Dapper Labs.

Fighting desire and interaction, CEO of Gamisodes Davis Brimer they tell us Kidscreen that its platform, which is expected to be launched in early 2023, aims to revive and redefine quality TV content for fans.

He said: “It’s so much more than just choosing your own way of doing things.” What’s coming up Inspector Gadget gamisodes will be built on the same series from the series that fans are familiar with, but with new moments being added.

For example, scenes where the protagonists Penny and Brain help Inspector Gadget out of trouble will be “changed” to break the fourth wall and turn to the viewer for help. “Now you’re the hero of the show working with your favorite characters,” says Brimer.

The game will be available to play online through the Gamisodes website before it is released on other platforms. It’s aimed at a watch/play-along audience, an idea made possible by Inspector Gadget’s multi-genre appeal, says Brimer.

Gamisodes is also introducing a number of NFT cards (pictured) to accompany the game. While the cards are set to drop in August, a few of them will be available for free from July 21 onwards, in conjunction with San Diego Comic-Con International. They offer VIP benefits and can also be used in-game for items, upgrades and more.

Bringing relevance to an old series isn’t just about rehashing old content; it’s part of creating a new type of product that manufacturers need to explore, Brimer says.

“Traditionally, one can think of entertainment and entertainment as two separate categories. We’re excited to announce what we believe is a new media group where there’s no difference between the two,” he says. “It’s exciting entertainment like sports news—and we think that’s the future.”

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