LAS VEGAS – It may seem that Kevin Durant’s commercial proposal will be the tip of the iceberg for players’ development, an opportunity for NBA team owners to re-establish a paradigm after a decade of star touring.

Other than that, if a star in the New York market that is just adding four years worth about $ 200 million could force the exit, the agreement between the players and the team could also be written off with the missing ink.

The moment that began when LeBron James exercised his freedom as a free agent from his home near the Cleveland Cavaliers to Miami in 2010, and formed a team of players to carry and go wherever they wanted, it seems to have been disrupted – say from all. surprised after Durant’s request.

NBA manager Adam Silver spoke cautiously and tried to walk the right line between acknowledging that the league has been in place for the past 20 years and acknowledging that it has helped the NBA expand.

“It takes all of us and the players to sit down and think about accepting the principles that are at stake here, then the sacredness of the contractors and the need for stability that affects not only the player but also other players,” Silver said. following a meeting of the Board of Governors in Las Vegas on Tuesday. “We have a very good relationship with our team of players. We will not remove players who want to be moved, but we will find a way to get back on the court.”

Several league sources told Yahoo Sports that the topic of the players’ move was not mentioned among the NBA team owners, although it should be discussed in another way as the National Basketball Players Association and team owners meet again in the next line of negotiations.

They have major topics for their current discussions – the gap between the major and minor markets, alas, the rich against the rich and the future of profits based on local and international television.

It does not mean that someone like Durant the petitioner did not send strange waves through the NBA universe, but, as another team owner explained to Yahoo Sports, the Nets should not sell him.

“It’s not a matter of players looking for business for several years [remaining], ”Said the team owner. “Honestly, the players on the site can test their strength, but at the end of the day, they have a contract and you don’t have to sell them.”

Brooklyn Nets' Kevin Durant warms up the game ahead of Game 4 of the Eastern Conference First Round Playoffs against the Boston Celtics at the Barclays Center on April 25, 2022 in Brooklyn in New York City.

Kevin Durant’s commercial request from the Brooklyn Nets is not necessary at the time of promoting players in the NBA. (Elsa / Getty photos)

To put it bluntly, Sliver added, “We don’t like to see players apply for deals, and we don’t like to see it go the way it is,” and from here, it would be a wise move from the Brooklyn Nets. to sell Durant soon so that the cloud does not fall on their heads, Durant or league.

Whether Durant’s departure is justified due to the large number of organizations he had in the Nets organization is impossible. The Nets took Kyrie Irving and all his troubles for Durant, hired Steve Nash as head coach with Durant’s blessings and gave his voice a lot of weight.

But with the NBA approach, its strength is tilted and it doesn’t seem to be coming back anytime soon. For a star that wants to leave, there are several stars that choose to stay. For the stars that want to leave, there is a team with a lot of resources to choose from, a cup and a chance to wait to pick up an invading star.

Not everything is good for everyone, but it has never been that way. Teams with a lot of competition in the run-up to the playoffs (since 1984) are not numerous, but they are not the standard for any star player or license.

“I don’t think this is changing at all,” the general manager told Yahoo Sports.

The NBA can stand for a summer summer, so fans can see the muscle connections between players and teams to keep the story short. But the league’s relentless pursuit of global domination, relentless advertising and media coverage in July does not seem to be a problem – even if it takes a game from November to April.

“I think that, really, it creates more interest in other markets and gives players and teams the opportunity to rebuild, change things,” Silver said. “You want to find the right mix. In the end, it all comes down to the game. That’s why we don’t want this game to be part of the social game and the plots that our players have. “

Its shape is layered and no longer linear. Does the player have the first responsibility for himself, or his permission? Himself, or the whole NBA? These are all different goals that seem to contradict each other and move in the same direction.

Blake Griffin was sold six months after telling the world he would be a “Clipper for life,” Rudy Gobert signed a five-year extension with the Utah Jazz 2020-2021 season before being sent to Minnesota a few weeks ago. ago – without any publicity request.

Obviously, there are no players at the age of Durant, a footballer who is responsible for carrying the league on thin shoulders.

Only a handful of players have the power to pull. Even the infinite All-Stars would not make this impressive.

Anxious, but a little overblown.

It may not be possible, but it is difficult to tell a player to look at the many benefits of a license or NBA when words such as “inheritance” are misused on a daily basis to discuss star history – as if this is not going well. a target that cannot be guaranteed until the value of time is fixed so that we can all take several deep breaths.

It was easy for players in previous generations to remain planted, take root when they were written. The agency was not able to do so, the 24-hour newsletter was not clear and monitored their activities in real time as is the case here. And money, though good at the time, was not heavenly.

The players, the team owners and the league itself made an agreement to develop the game, the responsibility to develop a pie for everyone to eat.

Well, the pie is huge, made from games that have helped the game around the world and have been directed by modern experts. It will only get worse in the next few years, when the free TV deal will be guaranteed to add more money to the team’s pockets and pockets of players.

The largest Elixir is the testimony of two finalists, the Milwaukee Bucks and the Golden State Warriors. All of the star-studded instigators (Giannis Antetokounmpo and Stephen Curry) who bring peace to the ground and into organizations, organizations that have dug deep with resources and much more – the stars trusted organizations to do their jobs professionally.

This is an example for the next generation of stars to want to copy. Of all of Durant’s amazing talents and his desire to give up what seemed like an unstable, no teams are in line with their best chance to catch him.

What would prevent Durant from taking the same course 12 months from now, some groups openly admit. It’s not a Durant shot, but some teams don’t know what it would take to stay when they come.

It is an unexpected outcome, created by the NBA to protect its teams from bad decisions. Long-term activities (six to seven years) were severely cut to help them get out of bad contracts, which means that even reliable stars can hit free agencies several times over long-term work.

Rookie-scale marketing leads to payoffs when senior players are able to take a bigger share of the cap – which means they always choose to settle forward and worry about geography afterwards, often coming as a commercial request. .

There is no perfect solution, because the market will determine what will happen – whether it is the recipients of the pay in the first few years of the game if the player stays or the other way the league and NBPA come up with.

But Durant’s request is not just an accessory or a starting point for empowering players, because no one really wants that.

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