Kanga iceless cooler

If you are looking for a good way to store your drinks and cold foods without the use of ice. You may be interested in new types of cold without ice made by a Kanga production team made up of five close friends with completely different traditions, they have made lightweight ice-free soft drinks in a variety of colors.

The 12-Pack Kase Mate and No Ice, Save Case, Cool. Designed to Store 12 Packs of 12oz standard or smaller can hold soft drinks for up to 7 hours – without ice! “Kase Mate makes enjoying soft drinks easier than ever“.

Kanga iceless coolers

Cold without ice

Inspiration behind special types of Kanga iceless coolers

“We found ourselves drinking hot beer at a nearby gate in Clemson, South Carolina. Because of the love of all that is pure, why do we drink warm beer!?! We all had a $ 300 snack that can hold alcohol for weeks but not use it to keep our beer cold for several hours? This did not make sense. Well, we didn’t use coolers because we didn’t want to fight the ice and pull the big thing up to our tail about a mile from where we stopped. So, instead, we stopped near a grocery store, grabbed a cold blanket, and simply took it with us to drink when it got hot. We Found Our Problem… Heat… Alcohol… Sucking! “

“Considering this … we saw a very deep object behind us. It may seem strange to many, but what it stands for is a life-changing experience. Sleeve Insulating Colder and cold stuff to keep it cool for as long as it lasts (SLEeve Insulating).

Review of Kase Mate

“We guarantee that all our items are in good condition. If you do not like your purchase within the first 45 days, you can return or exchange free of charge.

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