Justin Bieber has decided to postpone the rest of his worldwide tour due to a health issue.

The pop musician, 28, said in a post on his Instagram story on Tuesday that his attempts to get back on tour had “truly taken a toll on me” and left him feeling worn out.

I knew that I needed to put my health first at this moment, so I’m going to quit touring, he wrote.

This summer, Bieber cancelled a number of concerts in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Toronto after revealing he had been diagnosed with the rare neurological condition Ramsay Hunt syndrome. In a video that he released, the musician shows how the sickness has left half of his face immobile.

When asked why his face had been paralysed, he responded, “It’s from this virus that targets the nerve in my ear and my facial nerves. You can observe that this eye is not blinking. I try to smile, but I can’t on this side of my face. This nare is not moving.

Bieber attempted to restart his European tour after a few weeks of recovery but claimed his body couldn’t take the physical demands of performance.

I’m going to be okay, but I need some time to unwind and recuperate, he continues.

The Justice World Tour has had to reschedule 70 of its sites through March of next year. Bieber was slated to travel to South America, Australia, Europe, and Asia as part of his tour.