Jennifer Ludwig will be the first director of the Arapahoe County Health Department.

On June 29, the new Arapahoe County Foundational Board of Health (BOH), led by Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) member Nancy Sharpe, jointly appointed Jennifer Ludwig as the first head of the Arapahoe County Public Health Department. He was announced as the last person in the post to be consulted by the BOH on June 15.

In Lukeguad, the section said, “In Ludwig, Boh decided to deliver a fervor of the health care who contains deeper information to manage larger, difficulty and financial position.”

Ludwig has been in public health for 25 years, including 16 years in leadership positions. He recently served as deputy director of the Tri-County Health Department (TCHD), overseeing day-to-day operations and overseeing a $ 60 million budget that included more than 60 programs and 400 employees in 11 locations. He previously served as executive director of Eagle County Public Health department.

After being elected, Ludwig told the new BOH, “To hear all the wonderful things happening in Arapahoe County, the planning, and the excitement and support around the public health … I’m glad to come to the BOH. We are building this health department. Thank you for trusting me to lead this new organization and to be part of it. “

Michele Halstead, director of the commissioners’ office, told the BOH that staff have begun investigating organizational and administrative procedures. of the management of the management of its management. He also mentioned that Penny Grande, TCHD’s head of nursing, was hired as a Public Health Transition Administrator. He will be working as a full-time public health specialist, starting this month.

Halstead provided the BOH with the first list of essential medical services that included public health nursing, immunization, maternal health, nutrition program for mothers, infants, and children, family planning, environmental health, and emergency planning.

When BOH member Bebe Kleinman inquired about dental care for the elderly, she was told that the BOCC had already offered to provide care through Stride Health, which is now looking for a place in Englewood to do so.

Ludwig presented the first draft chart of a new health department organization that divided the services into two sections, Consumer Protection and Community Health. The Consumer Protection section covers environmental health, emergency preparedness and communicable diseases. The Community Health division will have a deputy director overseeing activities to promote public health, nursing and nutrition. It is expected that the department, including the supervisors, will initially need 181 staff members, about half of whom will be in the nursing community.

Ludwig told the BOH that interesting letters had been sent to 121 TCHD staff members who had expressed interest in joining the new health department. In order to stimulate greater interest, all TCHD staff members were sent an official ticket to the Arapahoe County Fair which takes place on July 28-31.

Todd Weaver, chief financial officer of Arapahoe County, told the BOH that the district’s advisers expect it to cost $ 18 million a year to oversee the new health department. Funds will come from government and federal funds, levies and fees, donations and Medicaid. In recent years, Arapahoe County has donated $ 5.3 million to its stake in TCHD. To support the new health department BOCC has set aside an additional $ 1.5 million this year and $ 3 million in the 202 financial year.

As a result of the controversial COVID-19 health regulations filed by TCHD in 2020 and 2021, Ludwig told the BOH that staff members had already held a public consultation on the question, “How important is it for the health department to engage with the community already. a public health system promoted by a professional and / or physician? ” As a result, he said that only 29% of respondents said it was necessary, 45% said it was not necessary, and 26% did not intervene in the question.

Future meetings of the BOH, which are open to the public, will be held at 3:00 pm on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at the West Hearing Room of the Arapahoe County Administration Building at 5334 S. Prince Street at. Littleton.

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