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It’s no secret that the Apple AirPods are a fashion statement, but they’re also expensive and delicate electronics. So, how can you be sure that your AirPods aren’t just knock-offs? As it turns out, iOS 16 will soon be able to tell you whether or not your AirPods are real or fake… sort of.

Although Apple’s AirPods are among the best wireless headphones available, some customers may find their price to be unaffordable. These customers might be persuaded to look for a deal from independent merchants. AirPods are frequently on sale, but depending on where you shop, there’s a possibility that you might purchase a fake pair. With the arrival of iOS 16, thankfully, your iPhone can now inform you if your AirPods are bogus.

False AirPods are now detectable in iOS 16

Apple released iOS 16 RC to developers and public beta testers not long after the launch event for the iPhone 14 yesterday. Internal system files in that release, discovered by 9to5Mac, show that iOS 16 is capable of spotting fake AirPods. In iOS 15.2, Apple first made it possible to identify genuine iPhone and iPad components.

When trying to pair fake AirPods with an iPhone or iPad after installing iOS 16, users will get the following message: “These headphones could not be authenticated as genuine AirPods and may not operate as intended.” The pop-up will offer a “Learn More” button.

The button should take customers to a support page on Apple’s website, claims 9to5Mac. It will presumably resemble the article on the history of iPhone parts and services.

The prompt will also have a “Don’t Connect” button. Although Apple is unlikely to prevent you from using phoney headphones, you will at least have the choice to do so now that you are aware of their fake nature.

As we discovered yesterday, iOS 16 will be accessible for download on September 12.

In addition, Apple revealed the AirPods Pro 2 during its event on Wednesday. The second-generation AirPods Pro come with a lot of substantial changes, as was to be expected. They have improved touch controls, a new ear tip, double the amount of noise cancellation, and a redesigned charging case.