IoT Weather station

If you’re thinking about building your own IoT weather station you might be interested in a new build posted on the official Arduino blog this week by a member how-to Pradeep they made their own IoT Weather station.

Built using various sensors including Seeed Studio Grove Light Sensor and Air quality sensor v1.3 the weather station is controlled by Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense and has the Blues Wireless Notecard for cellular connectivity along with the Blues Wireless Notecarrier-A.

The official Arduino website explains more:

“The need for rapid data collection, processing, and visualization has never been more important, and thanks to the rise of IoT devices that are always connected, this goal is now closer than ever. However, many DIY solutions that rely on Bluetooth or WiFi are not feasible in remote areas due to their short range. . This is what inspired user Pradeep to build his own data logging system using LTE remote connectivity instead.”

IoT Weather station

“To get real-time weather conditions, including temperature/humidity, rainfall, air quality, and light measurements, Pradeep connected the various sensor modules to a single Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense board, which acts as a data processor. From here, connected the Blues Wireless Notecard and the Notecarrier assembly to the Arduino via its UART pins that would allow the two units to send data between them. After configuring the Notehub to receive the incoming weather information as a JSON-formatted string, Pradeep added webhook integration with Qubitro. user Pradeep explains more about the project.

“Environmental events can be tracked in a variety of ways. You can use wireless devices, an SD card monitor to record your data, or you can use Wi-Fi or BLE communication controllers to do this. Consider if you don’t have time to manually download data from SD card, or if your devices are not on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, how can you monitor your weather?In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an IoT weather data recorder using Blues Wireless hardware modules; no SD card, Wi-Fi, or BLE required. Just connect the Blues Notecard and Notecarrier to the controller to track your weather.”

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