“Indians have been killed for their location,” Alvin Harvey, SM ’20, an Aero / Astro PhD student and member of the Navajo Nation, said at a spring teachers’ conference. “As a tertiary college, MIT has a responsibility to support the common people and students.”

MIT is creating a place to pursue Native American education, starting in 2023, and adding two new positions in the MLK Visiting Professors and Scholars Program, at least one of which will be awarded to a Native American academic specialist. For the next two years, the Institute will also support two alumni associations in the MIT Indigenous Language Initiative, a master program established in 2003. MIT will also provide Walker scholarships and scholarships. “MIT has a responsibility to unveil and illuminate the history so that we can learn from it,” Reif wrote.

As David S. Lowry ’03, Hon’ble Fellow at Native American Studies, who taught 21H.283 this year, told teachers, experiencing a strong reality “really creates a future for MIT, where all of us, through communities, through education, can begin. to care for one another. ”

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