Exports of phones and other devices to Russia by the Chinese manufacturer Huawei have resumed. Izvestia was informed on Wednesday, July 13 by a source close to the organization, a partner of many electronics manufacturers. The reporter said that “new products are on the way.”

On the same day, the chief analyst of the Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin wrote in his Telegram channel that transmissions to Russia had resumed. He added that Huawei products are available through partners and on the company’s website within two weeks. Meanwhile, a Huawei spokesperson declined to comment on the matter.

The business had already announced the closure of its major stores in Russia in early June. Only four of Huawei’s 19 Russian sites have suspended operations. This choice was justified due to the lack of Chinese-style electronics and other spare parts in Russian warehouses.

Huawei has started exporting mobile phones and other electronic devices to Russia


Izvestia was directly informed that the main problem is the lack of batteries and displays; the rest must be ordered. Official salespeople had similar responses.

Meanwhile, mobile phone sellers say there is a significant increase in demand for products made by Chinese electronics manufacturers including Huawei in the Russian market. Currently, these products make up two-thirds of the Russian market.

Experts say that the growth of Chinese equipment is happening against the suspension of sales of Apple and Samsung technology in Russia; whose shares in the “smart” phone market fell sharply.

As a result, Xiaomi will beat Samsung to take the top spot in the Russian Federation mobile market; in the second quarter of 2022. The positions of other Chinese companies are also growing. As an illustration, the price of Realme increased from 8.3% to 13%.

Due to the sanctions imposed by the US due to the Russian Federation’s involvement in Ukraine; foreign businesses began to suspend their operations in Russia. However, after selling their company; a few of them have already returned to the tribe under different names.

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