Above all you can see the amount of head notifications you have been given by your iPhone in the last six months. To read more about how you feel about this topic, go to the Health app with iOS and select Browse, Hearingand Obedience Standards for Ears. You will be able to see the volume you have been listening to, for how long and when.

There is another step that Apple recommends to make sure everything goes smoothly: install your Bluetooth devices so that Apple knows how to do it. To select a device, select from Settings blue, then click the blue notification button next to the headset you are using. In the next window, select Type of Device and choice Ear sensations. (Apple headsets will be self-explanatory.)


Finding the best preferences on Android is very difficult, as the menus vary from mobile makers. We are going to guide you through the Android models that Samsung is pushing for its Galaxy phones, but if you are using a smartphone from another smartphone maker, this method should be very similar.

From Settings, select Noise and vibration and Volumethen click three dots (top right) and select Media volume limit. You can turn it on here, and adjust the slider at the bottom to set the volume you want – there is also the option to set a PIN to prevent this (if you are fixing a child’s phone, for example).

Volume Lock is an easy way to set boundaries on Android.

Volume Lock via David Nield

Android being Android, there are many third-party apps that you can use to reduce the volume on your device. One of the best is Freemium Volume Lock: It not only allows you to reduce the volume, it also allows you to do this depending on the volume, so that alarms can be louder than music, for example. A single $ 5.49 release unlocks all options, but media volume can be reduced for free.

Alternatively, provide a free Volume Limiter, Volume Lock interface. It allows you to set a different volume limit depending on what you are using (speaking or earphone), puts warnings about volume in the notification bar, and is easy to use. There is also the option to uninstall other programs at a volume level.

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