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Keep your tech in the sun (Photo: Getty Images/Maskot)

The UK’s infrastructure is ill-equipped to deal with the country’s growing climate.

Air conditioning is not an important thing in our home, so one of the many things we need to be careful about is our technology.

After all, most of us are still working from home, and if we all follow the advice of experts and stay inside if possible when the temperature rises, many of us rely on our entertainment devices.

Catherine Hiley, telecommunications expert at Uswitch.com, said: “As well as taking steps to stay cool and safe from bad weather, it’s important to remember that not all technology can survive the heat.

‘Most modern devices are built to withstand temperatures of up to 35 degrees as long as they are properly ventilated – but unusually hot weather, or leaving the device out in the sun, can mean that heat passes quickly.’

That’s why Catherine has provided tips on how to prevent your gear from overheating.

Wi-Fi router

Place – Catherine said we need to make sure the routers are kept out of the sun and close the windows. ‘Try a cool place in the middle of your house,’ he recommended.

Air flow – Select the ventilation position so that the device can control its temperature. Catherine said: ‘Don’t put it behind furniture or other large objects, which can affect the temperature and your ability to stretch.’

Connect unused devices – It’s also a good idea to slow down your router. ‘Turn off Wi-Fi on devices you’re not using,’ Catherine said, ‘even if they’re in a drawer. They may be adding unnecessary strain to your bandwidth.’

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Put the phone away (Photo: Getty Images)

Laptops, computers and game consoles

clean them up – It’s time to grab your duster. ‘Now is the time to get all the dust off your equipment,’ explained Cathering. ‘Additional particles caught in metal will prevent fans from working properly and increase the chance of overheating.’

Low light – Again, reducing the stress on your equipment will help. ‘Dimming your lights or changing your device to a low voltage one will reduce the stress on your devices,’ said Catherine.

Remove it – Don’t pay for your entire laptop if you can afford it. Catherine said: “When your laptop reaches 100% battery or the level you’re comfortable with, make sure you unplug the charger. Keeping the device plugged in and charging improperly can cause some overheating.’

Phones and tablets

Use less — Yes, your phone can also get very hot, so it’s best to try to use it sparingly. said Catherine. ‘When it’s too hot, the battery can’t store the power properly, so you’ll start to see delays in the phone.’

See what’s going on in the background – There are also things you can do to make your phone work harder. ‘Background refresh means that apps can be updated even when you’re not using them,’ he explained. ‘This can put extra strain on your phone on a really hot day, so turn it off for a while if you can.’

Remove it – You can’t even wear layers in this heat, so why not make your gear do the same? ‘Removing any other components from your device, such as leather cases, silicone skins or other sleeves will allow your electrical room to have better ventilation,’ said Catherine.

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