ATP this week has brought their new endurance, low latency SD and microSD cards in 3D form three triple cell (TLC) S750 / S650 Series. Dashcams and digital video recorders (DVRs) new memory cards can be used on monitors and autonomous vehicles and are perfect for some of the most appropriate applications.

When recording 16 MB data consecutively, ATP S650 cards take less than 0.1 minutes, saving 50% of write time compared to consumer cards and making faster storage without losing data.

High-end SD cards

“Video evidence can be difficult in many cases; therefore, it is very important for SD / microSD cards to capture non-stop without compromising image quality and reliability. The S650 series can record Full HD videos continuously for up to 109,401 hours — much longer than similar cards sold as “high tolerance.” The S650 Series was developed at 5K / erase (P / E) cycles, which means 1.6X higher resolution than memory cards with 3K P / E. The S750 Series, designed as a pseudo single-level cell (pSLC) was set to 60K P / E, while the pSLC memory cards are rated around 20K to 30K P / E.

When turned on, car recorders can wait a few seconds to prepare for recording. The time between first read and first order from the recipient is “response time.” ATP S650 and S750 Series cards take less than 1 second to respond when normal cards expire. take 7 to 12 seconds to take a real DVR room temperature test.I shoot 16 MB in a row, ATP S650 cards take less than 0.1 minutes, saving 50% of write time compared to consumer-selected cards and making quick backups without data loss.

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