Health clinic in Cape Girardeau seeing demand for COVID supplies

Health clinic in Cape Girardeau seeing demand for COVID supplies

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) – With the recent COVID outbreaks in the area, people are looking to stock up again.

One medical center in Cape Girardeau is still seeing a need for these COVID items as they have been providing them to residents of the area for a year now.

“We’ve been through a lot,” said Cape Family Medical Clinic Administrator JD Webster. “Since August of last year we have passed out over 50,000 COVID test kits, we have passed out over 100,000 N-95 masks, we have given out over 30,000 one liter bottles of Purell hand sanitizer and 300,000 400,000 hand sanitizer wipes.”

Cape Family Medical Clinic has donated thousands of items to the community since last year and continues to order the items for storage.

Webster said it’s important to continue to give people the resources they need to prepare as much as possible.

I was very surprised. I honestly thought that the beginning of Spring and before the start of summer, I thought we would see a decrease,” Webster said. “We did see a slight decrease in people asking for things, but it never went to zero so it has recently started again. Therefore, we are offering products regularly. “

Webster said they are planning other large donations that include COVID testing, masks, hand sanitizer and more.

“We’re hoping to provide 15,000 COVID test kits and maybe another 50,000 masks, as many sanitizers and whatever else we can,” Webster said. “That way the community is prepared if COVID comes back the way they think it will.”

Webster said they plan to have these items to give away at their grand opening event at their home on August 5 from 10am to 1pm.

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