RUSSELLVILLE, Ark. – On Tuesday, the United States General Assembly declared Harding University the winner of the 2021-22 Commissioner’s Cup and Presidential Trophy – the first time the organization has won all competitions.

GAC nominates Commissioner’s Cup winner at GAC school with the highest number of points in a number of 14 men’s and women’s sports, football, volleyball, women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, women’s tennis, men’s and women’s track & field, men’s and women’s golf, softball and baseball while the President’s Trophy goes for a program that earns the highest points based on the sport they support.

Harding won the Commissioner Competition for the third time and won his first Presidential Trophy. The Bisons secured the titles of the men’s tournament, football, women’s tennis and rail and men’s sports. The Lady Bisons took second place along the way with the game. The Bisons won the top four in 12 of 14 games.

Oklahoma Baptist was second in both standings. In the presidential race, Harding defeated the buffalo with only eight percent. The buffalo won their fifth straight women’s title race, their third straight regular volleyball title and their second women’s straight-up competition.

Arkansas Tech finished third. The Golden Suns shared a regular softball title with Southern Arkansas. She was also second in the women’s competition, women’s golf and women’s tennis when she shared second place in volleyball.

Southern Arkansas took fourth place in the Commissioner’s Cup standings while Henderson State finished fourth in the Presidential Games. SAU won the full-time title in baseball five times. In the postseason, the Muleriders went to the NCAA Division II National Championships for the first time in school history. The Reddies won two golf tournaments for the first time since 2014.

South East Oklahoma State sit fifth in the President’s Cup standings. The Savage Storm won their first ever GAC men basketball title. Southwest Oklahoma State took sixth place in the Commissioner’s Cup. The Lady Bulldogs remained the biggest team in women’s basketball as they climbed for the first time in a straight line five. The SWOSU women’s soccer team has won a full-time competition for the fifth time in 10 years.

East Central finished eighth in both standings, followed by Southern Nazarene and Ouachita. Crimson Storm finished ninth in the Commissioner’s Cup while the Matigers took 9th place in the Presidential Cup. Northwest Oklahoma State and Arkansas-Monticello completed the event.

2021-22 GAC President Trophy

2021-22 GAC Commissioners Cup Trophy

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