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Good day for the hump, America. So do I have the right words tonight? I think the best of the year. What speed? You have to be somewhere, Sandra?

SANDRA SMITH: I love new things, I love new places.

Yeah, everything. It’s too holy of you, racist group. Oh, look, I am precious, time and money, I have a place to see, people to meet, wonderful bread and mayonnaise to eat. You are cruel, always in a hurry. Thank you.

That’s right. The urgency is racist, especially according to health officials in Oregon, who delayed the meeting for no other reason than to say “speed is a high price for whites.” As the reasons go, it sounds better than “the dog ate my alarm clock.”

But it does raise an important question. Since my show starts on time every night, do I qualify to be a witch?

A student carries an anti-CRT banner carrying a placard while members of the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School Board meet in Placentia.

A student carries an anti-CRT banner carrying a placard while members of the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School Board meet in Placentia.
(Photo courtesy of Leonard Ortiz / MediaNews Group / Orange County Register via Getty Images)

In an email obtained by the major magazine “Reason,” Danielle Droppers, a co-ordinator of medical teams’ co-operation program, told people that the discussions that took place could not have happened as planned, because speed and clean correction could be disruptive. about intentional and contemplative work, which I think is what he calls sleeping and watching “The View” from his toilet. That’s the way I see it.


Therefore, how wonderful it is for a government official, that it is a privilege to be able to do your job, whether you are conducting a preparatory meeting or teaching mathematics to children, doing both is discriminatory, so do not worry. That way, everyone fails, not just the government.

Now this is the Oregon Health Authority, a real organization responsible for coordinating medical care and reducing the amount of COVID during a pandemic. It is therefore not surprising that he disrupted the country on COVID, it would be racist not to do so.

And would you use a wide brush to paint? Blacks are in no hurry. So when you say Bolt runs a white man, which is always, then a different prejudice? “Hey Usain what hurry? Gradually, you start running like a white man.” You know, I’m sorry. I wonder if this will show up on Fox.


Now, to teach confused people why racism is racist, one worker pointed to an anti-racist Western educator who pushed for the idea that harmless conditions were really bad evidence of white supremacy. Things like wanting to write things or being willing to do things perfectly.

It turns out that I do not understand when he uses the term white supremacy. Does it mean insult or compliment? All right, then write things down.

You seem to appreciate time, and you want things to go smoothly. I mean, you just described the perfect worker and all the things that made this world jealous all over the world.


Now, obviously, all of this is part of a diversity, combined with similar training tools, DIE in a nutshell, which is what every company that promotes this magic will do. But you know what? This is good news for lazy, inefficient employees. He is lying there. Show up late, unprepared, smelling of alcohol, fighting against white supremacy now.

Looking back, in college I was a regular Rosa Parks. I have to admit, this is magical. I mean, what a great way to waste one’s work. Tell them all the things that make you successful, and that make you a great lover. It’s like a boxing coach telling his team, “Hey, if you want to be a world champion one day, don’t go to the gym, don’t worry about your athletic performance and smoking will help your lungs to function properly. Thanks to God, do not avoid McDonald’s, that — it’s delicious. ” By telling others that morality is racist, you are telling them to fail.

Members of the World Health Organization (WHO) team investigating the origins of the COVID-19 coronavirus, arrived at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, central China's Hubei region on February 3, 2021.

Members of the World Health Organization (WHO) team investigating the origins of the COVID-19 coronavirus, arrived at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei region on February 3, 2021.
(HECTOR RETAMAL / AFP via Getty Images)

CNN must have had this plan for the last ten years. But you could not ask for a better way to jump on the bandwagon than your ignorant, deceitful colleagues are facing pure mistakes. You get them all to stay home until it’s too late, and you succeed in appearing on time, while telling the little ones “don’t reach your potential.

Of course, for innocent government officials like Ms. Droppers, their incompetence is expected. Hell, health officials could cause an epidemic but not be fired. The only thing he does on time, of course, is to collect taxes.

Therefore, here are some questions Ms. Droppers, whose name is good for someone who lowers himself. If urgency is racism, why not delay your paycheck for several weeks? It will make all of us racist. What about your summer vacation? Is it worth it if we have just arrived in the autumn? The beach is still fine in November. Not to mention the early departure Friday morning for cars, you are no better than Robert Byrd. Forget about sun protection and just wear your white dress.

And think, you know, Obama, and Harris and Jackson, all of them are early historians, too holy to come in first.


You believe you will not be living in an emergency room anytime soon. I mean, can there be anything more racist than emergency? An emergency requires immediate action. “Nurse, I want 200cc of atropine stat. I mean, every time you get close to it. Sorry, I didn’t want to sound like a normal person.” Seriously, imagine being a doctor trying to reduce your zeal. “Baby, you need an appendectomy ASAP or your appendix could explode and you could die. OMG, I just said ASAP? What am I, doctor or field manager?

Yes, they are. Death. Talk about escaping your prejudices. And, of course, it is better for us all to die than to be called racists. And, of course, is death not a racist issue? Consider this. What do they call you when you die? Too late.

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