The Floridians are divided over their acceptance of Gov. Ron DeSantis – while 50% approve of his work with the state’s finances, half are dissatisfied with his role in government consolidation. That’s according to the new research researchers from the University of South Florida and Florida International University.

The survey, which surveyed 600 Floridians from July 2 to July 10, found that although all of the Governor’s approval has remained strong, there has been a slight decline in support from the top spot seen in April vote. The sections were changed by the state district to represent the area.

Half of the Floridians – 50% – approve of state funds under DeSantis, with only 41% of respondents disapproving and the other 9% unconfirmed. But, that’s when the clear approval ends, when much of DeSantis is divided among the Floridians.

The governor received low marks on the relationship, with 46% of respondents rejecting his job in the department, and 43% agreeing. And people were very fond of the topic – by all means, the most selective response in a relationship “was strongly disapproved,” at 35%. This is compared with the frequent division between “strongly agree” (23%) and “strongly agree” (20%), with a moderate response of “opposition” at 11%. The other 11% said they did not know.

DeSantis saw its lowest acceptance in response to its work on climate change – 42% accepted its role in the matter, while 44% did not. Note, 14% of respondents did not confirm their views on climate change.

The Floridians appeared to be very sensitive to the COVID-19 headline, with 33% strongly agreeing to DeSantis’ response and 37% strongly denying it. Overall, the majority of respondents said they did not agree with DeSantis’ support for COVID-19 at 48%, compared with 47% who agreed. Only 5% of respondents said they did not know.

Although its lowest approval was the problem of climate change, the Floridians split and wrote DeSantis on its conservation issues. About 44% said they approve of his work in the area, while 43% did not, along with 13% who said they did not know.

As previously mentioned by the majority of responses, about half – 49% – Floridians do not agree with DeSantis’ role in consolidating government during the political process. The group is where DeSantis gets the highest “mark”, with 39% of respondents choosing this. In comparison, 43% approve of DeSantis’ role in government consolidation, and 8% do not.

DeSantis’ powerful financial statements could help in the Midterms – 74% of voters say they plan to vote based on pocket issues such as employment, wealth and inflation, while 26% plan to focus on social issues such as abortion and abortion. LGBTQ Rights.

And it is DeSantis acts as the government’s GOP leadership leaderRepublicans are likely to see strong support in the Midterms, especially in view of the President’s official prices, the highest number of Democrats.

The poll also asked those who responded to the President Joe Biden, which is consistent with international elections that show a lack of approval. President Biden’s turnout among Florida voters continued to decline, compared with an April poll. The majority of respondents now “disagree” with the President’s work in all areas, while 63% disagree with the President’s role on border security and security, while 62% disagree with the President’s performance. employment and wealth.

According to specific headlines, the three most important issues facing Florida, according to respondents, are finance and employment (35%), government corruption (11%) and health care (9%).

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