Following Google’s addition of the Truth Social app to the Play Store, shares of Digital World Acquisition Corp., the business attempting to list former President Donald Trump’s media company, increased during after-hours trading.
The Play Store had previously prohibited the platform due to issues with content control. The app, according to Google, broke its rules for controlling user-generated material.
According to a Google spokeswoman, “Apps may be released on Google Play provided they meet with our developer requirements, which include the necessity to successfully monitor user-generated content and delete undesirable messages like those that promote violence.”

According to Google, Truth Social has committed to enforcing its policies on content moderation, including the removal or blocking of users who publish content that calls for violence. After dozens of his fans attacked the U.S. Capitol in January 2021, Twitter banned Trump “because to the potential of future incitement of violence.” Trump founded Truth Social as a result of that deed.
The 44% of American smartphone users who use an Android now have access to Truth Social. Before the app was made available to everyone, Android users had to “sideload” it from another website or use their phone’s web browser to access Truth Social. The app has been accessible through the Apple App Store.

In September, Google added Parler, a platform akin to Truth Social, back to the Play Store after it underwent significant changes to conform to Google’s guidelines.
DWAC and Trump Media and Technology Group have been contacted by CNBC.
The announcement came a few days after DWAC, a business known for writing blank checks, further pressed for a vote to put off its merger with Trump Media. CEO Patrick Orlando’s DWAC has so far been unable to secure the required 65% of shareholders to postpone the merger deadline. If a delay is not authorised, DWAC is scheduled to close on December 8.

The merger has encountered both legal and financial challenges. Following the transaction, Trump Media was expected to receive $1 billion from the private investors in DWAC. However, a minimum of $138 million of that money was taken out, and the business changed its address to a UPS Store.
The Justice Department is looking into possible securities violations related to the DWAC-Trump Media transaction for discussions between the two businesses prior to the announcement of the merger last autumn.
Trump established Truth Social after being banned from Twitter due to his tweets on January 6, 2021, when his supporters violently attempted to prevent Congress from confirming Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election by storming the U.S. Capitol.

After Elon Musk renewed his plan to purchase Twitter, where Trump had about 80 million followers, DWAC’s shares fell last week. Musk has declared that he will reinstate Trump on Twitter. On Truth Social, Trump has around 4 million followers.

Meanwhile, William Wilkerson, a Trump Media whistleblower, gave the SEC access to internal papers. He complained to the regulatory body, accusing them of securities offences.
Wilkerson recently told the Miami Herald that “this corporation is going to go bankrupt one way or another.” “I don’t believe the SEC will approve the company,”

Further harm to Trump’s reputation, according to DWAC, could put the company in danger. A federal criminal investigation is looking into whether Trump improperly stored and stored sensitive national security papers after leaving the White House. Trump is considering running for president again in 2024.
The price of DWAC shares, which ended on Wednesday at $15.96, has dropped around 69% this year.