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Google has announced that it is releasing the final beta of Android 13, this is actually Android 13 Beta 4 and it brings new features and improvements to android devices.

Google has said that it is a few weeks before the release of Android 13, the release will happen sometime in August.

It’s only a few weeks until the release of Android 13! As we finalize the next version of Android, today we bring you Beta 4, which is the last test and development. Now is the time to make sure your apps are ready!

There’s a lot to explore in Android 13, from details like the new notification permissions and image picker, to creative features like theme apps and the language of each app, as well as modern standards like HDR video, Bluetooth LE Audio, and MIDI. 2.0 on USB. We’ve added to the improvements we’ve made in the 12L, giving you better access to the tablet and larger display devices.

You can try Beta 4 today on your Pixel device by signing up here for over-the-air updates. If you’re already registered, you’ll only get today’s updates. You can also get Android 13 Beta for select devices from several of our partners. Visit the Android 13 developer page for more information.

You can find out more about the final beta of Android 13 on the Google website at the link below, the software is now available for testing.

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