If there was one word that better covered the current heat, it was ‘stickers’. Because while we may all be scared to buy fans right now, we are also looking at ways to save our skin from the summer make-up and sweat to close the pores, as well as the other puffiness that occurs.

With this in mind, we are currently looking at the Amazon Prime Day event on Foreo – a skin product that has dropped to 57%.

Not a Prime member? Don’t panic – you can practice for free for 30 days and earn all the free money.

The Swedish brand is known for producing high-performance electronic devices that use the latest technology to enhance your skin care routine. From highly refined to LED-based thermo-therapy and microcurrent based face lifts, Foreo is the leading home-based technology specialist for professionals and consultants across the industry.

Fish? These small tools are very expensive, which makes Prime Day a great time to invest in a two-day event, Prime Day ends today, now is the time to take action. Not a member? Don’t worry, you can sign up for a free trial and get the chance to get rid of all of Prime.

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Foreo Bear Smart Microcurrent Face Lift Device | Wrinkles & Double Chin Reducer | Face Speaker & Jaw Excerciser | Non-Destroying Face | Antiaging | Safe & Safe | Fuchsia


£ 279.00

How many? 279 £ 222.05

Discount £ 56.95

Our beautiful artist Amelia is one of the many fans of Foreo’s Bear. A face toning tool, The Beer uses microcurrents to give you daily exercise on your face using three minutes of collagen and elastin cycles.

Results? Reduce pride, fall, fine lines and wrinkles AND a curly, shiny and shiny face. * Adds to basket immediately *

It currently represents 20%, with a lot of money.


Foreo Luna 3 Normal Skin | Facial Cleaning Brush | Strengthening Face Massager Electric | Extensive Skin Care | Travel Friendly Face Exfoliator | Silicone Brush For White Skin | Connected Software


£ 135.20

How many? £ 189 £ 135.20

Discount £ 53.80

This excellent cleanser cleans pores and sonic pulsations to remove impurities and oils from your skin.

Not only is it made of soft, hygienic silk, but it comes with a flexible size that you can customize according to your needs (although it is suitable for all skin types).

The good news? In addition, deep cleaning that is more efficient than what you can get by using your own hands, also helps circulate the flow and helps your business to go deeper.

Get today with a 28% discount on regular price.


FOREO LUNA mini 2 Eye Wash Brush | Travel Equipment | Face Massager Electric | All Skin Types for Skin Hygiene | Simple Facial Wash | Silicone Electric Face Cleanser | Fuchsia


£ 80.00

How many? £ 128.48 £ 58.80

Discount: £ 69.68

One of the holiday notes, Foreo LUNA mini 2 travel claims to remove dirt and oil up to 99.5% during each cleaning, leaving you with a clear, soft and very light skin.

Using T-Sonic cleansing pulses and suitable for all skin types, they are made from pure silicon and are 100% waterproof. The inclusion does not mean changing topics so there is no hidden cost after that.

LUNA mini 2 is currently in Prime Day deals with 54% discount so open ASAP.


Foreo Ufo 2 Full Facial Led Mask Treatment, Full Led Spectrum & Red Light Therapy, Facial Masks Beauty, Heating, Cooling, Face Massager, Moisturiser, Enhanced Skin Care, Pearl Pink


£ 249.00

How many? £ 249 £ 186.75

Discount: £ 62.25

There was a lot of hype around the drug when it was first released, and it is easy to see why.

UFO 2 is a thermo-therapy palm device that uses LED light technology and T-Sonic massage to help reduce wrinkles, increase moisture and stabilize and remove your face.

Using LED lighting and T-Sonic massage to enhance your skin care, it connects to a dedicated program to help you improve your complex areas. In addition, it can be used alone or in conjunction with a UFO-enabled mask to enhance effects.

Get it today with a 25% discount.


Foreo Ufo Mini Full Facial Led Mask Treatment, Red Light Therapy, Facial Masks Beauty Treatment, Korea Skincare, Thermotherapy & Face Massager, Moisturiser, Increased Skin Care, Mint


£ 50.00

How many? £ 115 £ 50

Discount £ 65

The entry-level version of UFO 2, UFO mini offers the same 90 second thermo-therapy support, but with 3 LED light options not 8.

Get a 57% discount today


Foreo Iris Eye Massager | Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles & Eyebrows | Enhances Eye Cream & Absence of Eye Serum | Ultra-Clean Silicone | Pro-Level Eye Care | Antiaging | Minti


£ 83.30

How many? £ 129 £ 83.30

Discount £ 45.70

One of those tired eyes. This naughty boy uses T-Sonic technology to mimic what happens because the Asian finger taps rubbing eye tissue. Next? Reducing fine lines, pockets, arrogance and darkness under the eyes.

Buy now to get 35% off.


FOREO ISSA 3 Electric Ultra-Hygienic 4-in-1 Sonic Toothbrush for Dent, Mouth, Cheeks & Tongue, 6 Month Brush Head, 16 Intensities, 365 Days / USB Charge, FDA Approved, 2 Year Warranty


£ 158.91

How many? £ 159 £ 83.44

Discount £ 75.56

Not surprisingly, Foreo has also released a mega toothbrush.

It uses sonic pulse technology to provide complete 4-in-1 oral care (i.e. it cleans the entire mouth – teeth, tongue, mouth, cheeks and so on) and provides 16 different levels of vibration to make things better.

Lift and discount 48% today only.

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