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Electric vehicles are the wave of the future for transportation at this point. Almost all automakers, including those producing motorcycles, bicycles, and even motorcycles, have made significant investments in electrifying their product lines, and some have even started mass-marketing electric vehicles around the world. It goes without saying that technology is developing at a breakneck pace, and EVs just keep making more and more sense.

If you apply the promise that electric mobility has in the big picture to the urban environment, you end up with a solution that essentially checks off all the boxes.

So it comes as no surprise that the proliferation of electric bicycles, scooters, and vehicles is making city streets quieter and cleaner in several regions of Europe and Asia. Yes, gas-powered vehicles will continue to exist, but many people have either shifted to electric vehicles or added one or two LEVs to their current fleet (lightweight electric vehicles).

However, major automakers, including Honda without a doubt, have unveiled strategies for certain areas surrounding the widespread adoption of EVs. HMSI, or Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India, has already determined the three EV categories in which it plans to compete in the Indian market alone.

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Atsushi Ogata, president and managing director of HMSI, highlighted that the company has plans to roll out vehicles under the EB (electric bike), EM (electric moped), and EV (electric vehicle) categories, with the names essentially self-explanatory, in an exclusive report published by Indian automotive publication Car and Bike. More precisely, Honda believes that the market for electric mopeds, or commuter scooters in the 100cc to 125cc range in ICE language, has the greatest potential. Honda actually intends to introduce an electric moped in the Indian market as early as April 2023, according to the Car and Bike article.

Honda previously revealed that it had ambitious EV intentions for the Indian market. It appears that these plans are now being realised. It goes without saying that if Honda were to introduce an electric moped with competitive pricing and great specs, models like the enormously well-liked Ola S1 and Ather 450X would undoubtedly face fierce competition. Despite this, Honda is also developing a fast electric motorcycle that it intends to release after its future electric moped. Similar to how Honda previously introduced the U-GO electric scooter in China, perhaps the India-specific model will share certain characteristics with it.