Summer has arrived, as is the case with the Irish season. With this in mind, we have been looking for technical requirements to help you keep your garden – inside and out – in good condition and ready to be entertained in the next few months.

Plants of life

Has anyone been able to keep live basil seeds for months in their kitchen? If so, we want to know the secret, because later our people leave the spirit.

Technology can be the answer to our problems in the kitchen garden, however, with only planting machines and irrigation that should be sufficient for very soft plants to last longer.

Veritable Smart Garden (€ 250) is one way to ensure your crops are thriving in the summer. Not only does it irrigate and feed your plants, it also uses a specially designed LED to help your edible plants grow. It has a water tank that you fill sometimes, and the plants are planted in special containers that contain organic seeds, soil and nutrients. There are over 70 species of plants that you can plant in a smart garden from edible and edible flowers to vegetable salads and vegetables.

It does not even need natural light to grow plants; LEDs have been specifically modified to include colors that promote faster plant growth. That said, it should be close to electricity. The light is self-directed and stays on for 16 hours a day to mimic the natural daylight.

If you want something cheaper but more functional, the Botanium system (€ 60) offers an alternative. Like the garden of wisdom, it is self-sufficient, so do not worry that you will kill your crops by neglect. There is no built-in light, but you can do the same by placing it under the LED bulb, and all you have to do is remember to throw some Botanium water in the plants. It has its own way of growing, so no pests or complications are affected by the soil.

The advantage of all these systems is that with a little light, you can use them for planting all year round – you will not just be in the summer.

Caring for the garden

There is more to be said for robot cutters. Not only can you lift your feet and see the weaver working while you breathe, but it can also improve the health of your weed.

This is because robots leave all the cuttings on the grass as fertilizer or grass feed. The grass does not take long to get rid of the visible trunks in the background, and the less time you spend feeding your weed, the healthier you are after months and improving its overall color. This also means that you do not have to deal with large piles of grass when you are done.

They are also quiet while working, so there will be no disturbing the neighbors during the ungodly hour when you think it is time to cut the grass. You can set up mowers on the list and let them go.

They are not perfect, however. Initially, you will still have some areas of your garden that you need to prepare yourself – such as the edges of flower beds, around flower beds or sheds, areas that the lawn can not enter, for example.

This is because devices often require placing the wires in the lawn to tell your target where it can go – and where it cannot – and the robots just go a certain distance across the wires.

You should also clean the trunk of the robots from your flower beds from time to time, or remove the baby doll or two if they are stuck. If your garden has a sloping surface, lawn mowers may also suffer.

If the idea of ​​getting a military team of robots to do your research, there are many options, depending on your budget. Husqvarna is an expert in the field, a type of Automower that provides tools that cut everything from your field grass to the football field.

You may not want the full size of a football field, but the Husqvarna Automower 405x (€ 2,110) will fix the best grass, and then go back to its place to charge before you start again. The Husqvarna model also uses GPS for navigation and security. If someone picks up a machete, it will not only trigger a security alarm, but you will receive a warning on your phone and you will be able to track the location of the mower.

A slightly cheaper option, depending on the size of your lawn, is the Flymo Easilife. This can handle grass from 200sq m to 500sq m, and has all the advantages of Husqvarna, such as program adjustment and pin protection for protection. In fact, Flymo is part of the Husqvarana team, so you get all the information of the robot experts at an affordable price.

Other manufacturers of robot cutting machines include Bosch and Hyundai, although there are also smaller, less well-known subgroups.

Eating out

The summer of Ireland may not always be the best for outdoor dining, but if the last few years Covid-taught us anything, then it is best to get out in the fresh air. So why not get rid of that trustworthy barn and cook it?

Not all of us are very good at this, however, any additional help is welcome. The barbecue expert Weber has developed a number of smart grills that can help you find the right meat or poultry at any time. The technology is built into the grill, with a temperature display so you can see the cooking temperature, and alerts are sent to the smartphone app to tell you to turn the meat over or remove the chicken from the heat.

The Weber Spirit EPX-325S is a gas type, starting at € 1,153, but you can also find a wood burner with a professional design.

It’s not cheap, though there is no Weber barbecue, whether smart or not. The Genesis EX-335 gas will cost you back € 2,099, although the Genesis II EX-315 GBS Smart Barbecue has a very good € 1,299.

If you already have a barbecue or don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that has been inactive for six or seven months a year – depending on your dedication – you can get sensors that can help guide you in cooking. . For example, the Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub (€ 168), will allow you to bake, turn and remove burgers and steaks at room temperature. The manual device has two components: hardware, which comes with two probes – one for meat and one for circulating heat in the grill – and the software, which guides you through cooking. You can use any barbecue, or even in the kitchen indoors.

External sensors

No gathering ends without music. Choose your speakers carefully, as you want something that can withstand the subtle changes that the Irish climate can take – in other words, it should be waterless – and maybe a little sun without breaking. If it will be a permanent exterior, you need another one that will match the surrounding area.

The Kitsound Diggit Outdoor Speaker (€ 50) will work inside and out. By water, the IP55 level of water and dust. It also comes with a removable anchor for protection in the field, or sand if you are on the beach. The appearance of the wood gives it a natural feel so that the mixture blends out and looks good on your shelf.

Irish made by OneSonic Quattro (€ 220). It is IPX6 rated, so it withstands water flow, but has no dust. It is strong, too, and delivers powerful sensations. For the full price you will receive 12 hours of play. And in the event of an accident, you can also use the microphone as an electronic bank to charge your mobile devices.

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