Intel Open Source AI monitoring tools

Intel this week announced the release of its state-of-the-art smart devices designed to make AI more accessible to on-prem, cloud and edge organizations. AI reference tools include AI model number, end-to-end machine learning pipeline guidelines, libraries and Intel oneAPI tools for various applications.

Intel Open Source AI tools are now available for download for free on the Intel official page and are also available via GitHub.

AI display tools

“New innovations thrive in open, democratic environments. Intel accelerated open AI applications combined with well-known controls and Intel’s AI tools built on the open, standard, integrated OneAPI platform. These display tools, built with Intel-to components -end AI software portfolio, will help millions of software developers and data scientists to identify AI faster and easier at deploying or enhancing their existing intelligent solutions. “

“The growing number of AI applications continues to grow and diversify with the use of visions, speeches, inspirational systems and much more. and meaningful businesses on all aspects of greenfield AI and the intelligent transformation of existing AI solutions. “

“As power consumption grows around the world, the field of energy distribution in the field is expected to grow. These forecasting analytics have been trained to help operators provide service reliability. It uses Intel-optimized XGBoost via Intel oneAPI Data Analytics Library to monitor user cost-effectiveness with 34 characteristics and more than 10 million data.Details include product age, mechanical properties, geospatial data, inspection, manufacturer, repair and repair, and history shutdown.Preferred process is continuously learned as new, as a carpenter. , extinguishing and other modifications, are provided. ”

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