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Rimac announced that Rimac Nevera’s first production has gone down the road, it has taken the company 5 years of development to get here.

In five years of development, there have been 18 prototypes, 45 tests for new hypercar damage and 1.6 million hours of research and development.

Finished in a spectacular pearlescent shade of Callisto Green with Painted Graphite Vertex wheels and Sand Alcantara inside, this first car showcased last month’s Goodwood Speed ​​Festival in a series of all-throttle edges running to the famous Hillclimb. The car is known as ‘# 000’, and once completed with a registered sign, it will remain in the possession of Bugatti Rimac as a display and advertising vehicle.

The first vehicles to be delivered to customers are already being assembled, and each Nevera takes 5 weeks to complete the final line of assembly, with most of its parts and systems being developed months before the arrival in Rimac. It will soon be released worldwide via Rimac Automobili’s global network of 25 sales partners, spread across the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The first year of Nevera production has already sold out, as aspiring customers look forward to having the first electronic hypercar in the world.

We look forward to learning more about the new Rimac Nevera, it looks like this will be a very exciting car.

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