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After criticism was levied at Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin for leaked tape that showed her partying with pals, women all over the world have started posting videos of themselves dancing on social media.

The 36-year-old leader may be seen dancing with friends in the videos, which surfaced last week.

Social media has seen a rise in the number of videos posted by women expressing support for the Finnish prime minister.
Some political rivals criticised Marin’s actions in the recordings as being unbecoming of a prime minister.
Using the hashtag #solidaritywithsanna, women have begun tweeting videos of themselves dancing in response to this criticism.

Credit: Twitter

One user tweeted, “Dancing Queens can do anything.”
“We should all get out and dance more! Sanna has my full support “Added by another user.
Another person said, “Let’s dance for each other.”

Others have defended Marin and charged that her detractors are using unfair comparisons.
“Why is it she can’t go out after work? Do we anticipate that our leaders won’t be people?” Professor of Peace and Conflict Research at Uppsala University in Sweden, Ashok Swain, tweeted.

“What a shocker! Young politician who works hard and prioritises her personal life… Why can’t a young lady enjoy herself? I detest gender-based discrimination “Iratxe Garca Pérez, a lawmaker from Spain, tweeted. “@MarinSanna has my full support,”

Marin admitted to partying “in a boisterous fashion” after the films were made public, but she expressed resentment that the footage had been released to the media. Although she claimed to be unaware of any drug use during the gathering, she did claim that alcohol was used.

After an opposition MP urged her to submit to a drug test, Marin’s office said on Monday that the results were negative.