Even though the market dropped last week and some investors are nervous about this Friday’s numbers, CNBC host Jim Cramer says you shouldn’t be worried about it. In fact, he thinks there are four stocks that should do well if the market drops again this Friday. Here’s the four stocks he recommends picking up if the market drops again this Friday.

Jim Cramer of CNBC provided a list of stocks to purchase on Friday in case the market falls.

“Today’s performance of the tech stocks left me very dissatisfied. The “Mad Money” host remarked on Thursday, “That said, I think the market will let you into the best ones and you’re going to get better prices again.

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Stocks increased on Thursday after the PPI number came in lower than anticipated, but by the conclusion of the trading day, they had fallen. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed marginally higher while the S&P 500 and the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite both finished lower.

If the market declines on Friday, according to Cramer, there are a number of equities that investors might think about purchasing.

Here are his stock picks:

  1. Amazon
  2. AMD
  3. Microsoft
  4. Disney

On Thursday, the producer pricing index for July revealed a decrease from June, with the PPI falling by 0.5% as opposed to an anticipated increase of 0.2%. The data was released a day after it was revealed that the consumer price index for July came in at 8.5% instead of the expected 8.7%.

Despite this week’s sunny days, Cramer said that the inflation estimates indicate the market isn’t about to undergo a significant sell-off.

“Inflation is not yet tame, but it’s tamer. And tamer inflation can break the old pattern of the market tumbling the day after any rally,” he said. “That didn’t happen this time and you can feel the confidence oozing back,” he added.