Who says Fitbit doesn’t listen to its customers? A new firmware update is slowly rolling out which adds to it Find My Phone on the list of Charge 5 capabilities.

This feature has been on the Fitbit Community “Feature Suggestions” section for a while now. As of 10 days ago its status was changed to “Under consideration”. This means that the idea has been taken internally by Fitbit’s development team and they are working on it.

Firmware update 57.200001.171.50 on Charge 5

But users on Reddit are now reporting that update 57.200001.171.50 adds Find My Phone to Charge 5 and that feature works. It appears that this is a slow rollout as only a fraction of Charge 5 owners say the update is available. The company sometimes does this to test functionality before publishing. But this seems like a very slow release. Interestingly, the Charge 5 firmware change-log on Fitbit’s website still doesn’t mention the new software.

To check your Charge model go to: Favorites > Device Information > System Information > Bible on your device.

Initial reports of the latest software update started trickling in about a week ago. You should see a notification in your Fitbit smartphone app when it becomes available to install in your area. After that, just accept the installation and follow the instructions.

Some Fitbits have had Find My Phone for a while now

This isn’t Fitbit’s first acquisition Find My Phone appearance. Other devices such as the Versa range, Sense and Ionic which have recently been recalled have been around for a while.

If you tend to misplace your phone often and leave it behind a pillow or bed, you will find this function useful. It can save you hours of searching around.

Find My Phone it works with two phones only. Another way to make this happen is that your phone is turned on, its Bluetooth connection is enabled and the phone is no more than 10 meters away from your Fitbit.

If all requirements are met, just open the Find My Phone app on your wearable, tap Find My Phone and let it do what you want. Your smartphone will beep loudly if detected.

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It’s been a few months since the Charge 5 last received an update. We have to go back in April 2022. That was a lifesaver. It also added the ability to measure the heart rate of atrial fibrillation (AFib) users, with the Fitbit ECG app. Fitbit received official approval from the FDA in this regard shortly after its launch. It allows a device on your wrist to monitor your heart.

The company is also said to be working on a new Charge 5 smartwatch. It is expected that this will arrive later this year.

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