Apple Watch 8

We’ve already heard that the new Apple Watch will be launched in September along with watchOS 9 and now we have more on the new Extreme Sports Apple Watch 8.

The new Apple Watch 8 Extreme Sports was designed to be stronger than the standard Apple Watch.

The device will obviously have a new metal container that can knock and hit hard and will come back with more and less distorted glasses. The display on this device will also be larger than the standard Apple Watch.

The story comes in a report from Mark Gurman of Bloomberg who revealed more about the controversial version of the Apple Watch.

The high-performance watch has a stainless steel aluminum base, has a non-removable cover, and has a larger battery compared to Apple Watches which allows runners to follow long-distance workouts, say people who did not ask. to be identified because the views have not been announced.

This sounds like a good idea because the standard Apple Watch is not designed to be a dangerous game in or out as the display and carrier can be easily damaged.

We suspect that Apple will be paying the price for the new Extreme Sports Apple Watch on a regular basis. The device should be launched sometime in September along with the iPhone 14.

Source Bloomberg

Photo Credit: David Švihovec

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