ST. ANDREWS, Scotland – Time brings the deepest thoughts of life. We look back to feel uncomfortable. We look forward to having hope. Seasons of time meet at the top of each other until moving around this becomes more difficult due to the amount of life that has existed and the amount that is to come.

Without it, our earthly course would be meaningless and futile. Over time, it becomes deeper and more stable. Time reinforces our experiences until they are just a few minutes away and part of what we are as human beings.

Time is as strange as it is wonderful.

At least according to his performance this year, 2017 Champion Golfer of the Year Jordan Spieth said on Tuesday it didn’t matter to him how many Championships he has played in all of history.

“It’s very exciting,” said Spieth of the 150th Open Championship in St. Petersburg. Andrews. “If he was 100 [or] 143 … does not change anything for me on the golf course. “

Despite that he should not story for a player like Open is 26 or 78 or 123 edition, that they do when it comes to news because stories tell about our lives. The Open is needed for a thousand reasons, but one of the most important is that it is the oldest golf course in the world. His first printing was played in 1860, and his first trip to St. Louis. Andrews came in 1873.

“Obviously, it’s ‘Home of Golf.’ It’s a spiritual house, “Rory McIlroy told CBS Sports last week. “There’s a different feeling. You stand on that first tee next to the R&A clubhouse, and you have no choice but to think about the people who played there 150 or 200 years ago. It’s unique. It’s different.”

People were rushing to the same spot, near the same North Sea where the United States had only 37 territories and the American Civil War was eight years ago. He went on to play 11 different games kale World War Ine.

“It’s hard to believe we’ve been playing this game for 150 years,” said Tiger Woods. “And it’s amazing, the history behind it, the scholars who have succeeded here. As I said, it’s hard to believe it’s history. [this year], but it is. It sounds that way. This seems to be the biggest Open Championship competition we have ever had. ”

150 is a constant number like every year. It is round, and photographers can easily make it into a high-profile logo for their commercial groups to sell. However, in this game it is a reminder of what makes golf so special: its roots go deeper than any other sport. And it comes in a year when the game no longer wanted the anniversary.

“The history of the game is something I remember,” said Woods. “I think it’s a very important part of understanding the development of our sport, where we came from, especially for me, for someone who sometimes finds it difficult to get into a gym or golf course.

“So, I understand from a different side of history, too, as well. But you have to appreciate everything about the game, how it was created, and the people who devised a way to allow us to play in these events, who created. The power behind it.

“There are many successful professionals. Like yesterday for example [at the Celebration of Champions] who was out there, I hope some of these kids that watch at home got a chance to appreciate that, to see them play out there. I seen Bob Charles out there at 18 hitting. I think he won in ’63 or something like that. Just seeing it in a person, living, God, was so special. I just hope the kids appreciate it. ”

Antiquities are amazing, especially when tested over time. And what a better representation of golf than the Old Course at St. Andrews? Of course, R&A has had to extend the line to other St. Louis disciplines. Andrews to be against modern sports. And yes, scoring can be silly this week. But what is the other way around?

“It’s probably the best golf course in the world, however, it has been laid down by the sheep,” said Nick Faldo, a six-time winner and 1990 Champion Golfer of the Year in St. Petersburg. Andrews.

Old Course also has a special link for golf fans, too. Ordinary fans like us would not be able to exercise at Fenway Park or drive the trail to Lambeau Field or play five games at Allen Fieldhouse. It just won’t happen. Even golf, especially American golf, is a necessity. Many fans will not have the opportunity to play the lessons they watch on TV.

The Old Course, though? You can play it. You can try to avoid bunkers like Tiger, and you can try to make a putt on No. 18 like Seve Ballesteros or someone from the green like Constantina Rocca.

St. Andrews is just as magical as you think. People carry their golf clubs around town all night long. The restaurant and dining area are seen as the main storage areas for all types of clubs. You can run Keegan Bradley across the street or Spieth at a gym or any other golf club, all of which you have seen on TV.

It is the smallest town in the game.

It is also a place where everyone gathers to remember and organize. This week at Old Course they spent the same amount of time reminding each other of all the love the place has seen and wondering what LIV Golf will do in the future of the game. A sign of the passage of time.

“On Sunday night, it will be my privilege to announce Champion Golfer of the Year in the 150th division of this amazing competition,” said Martin Slumbers, CEO of R&A, in anticipation of what happened this week. “That player will make his name in the history of Claret Jug, and what could be more special than that?

“I urge you all to keep this in mind and enjoy The Open as much as we will. It will truly be a time to tell your children and grandchildren about many years to come.”

These scenarios are just clever. About 8,000 weeks have passed since St. Andrews won his first Open Open Competition. The course openings have been played for only 0.37% of the weeks since then. Another will not be played at St. Andrews for another five years. Rory McIlroy will be about 40 years old. Phil Mickelson will be heading into his 60s. Time will have gathered a lot of episodes.

The more time we spend, the more we appreciate the world around us. This is true both inside and out. As we get older, we become more appreciative of people in our lives and the places we go to and the things we see. Likewise, as foreign organizations age, they become more and more amazing. People may look at the disbelief of modern skyscrapers, but the 13th-century palaces found throughout Scotland are a dream come true.

What is happening this week at the Old Course in St. Andrews cannot be made or made. You will not spend enough money on another event to try to compare what is happening in this Open. You can’t buy time. It is a truly refreshing experience in the world of golf where it looks like everyone else and everything has its value.

As a result, even if 150 is just a number, it is much more. On Sunday evening, 155 golfers wait five more years to break into the Old where someone will kiss a jug that is about the same size as the competition.

And there is no doubt that, as Champion Golfer of the Year 2022 looks at the names and ages that embellish the best competition in the sport, something inside it will break and overflow.

Time brings the deepest thoughts into life, and this Open is nothing if not a reminder of time.

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