This year the prices of tin, copper, lead, aluminum, and zinc have dropped by between 33.1% and 12%. The message is the low demand for industrial metals that indicate the economic downturn.

WSJ Friday Economic Crisis Sinks Copper Up To 2 Years Low

Market share rises in the middle of good behavior. People set aside any dangerous fear in favor of FOMO fun, Fear of Missing. The section warns that all major indexes rose between November 2021 and January 2022.

Drawing on the headlines shows the shift of misconceptions around the world.

  • Crypto Market Tumult Indicates Lack of Consumer Protection
  • New York City Workers Are Fearing Back For Work
  • NYC 26,300 small businesses close permanently
  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned (political turmoil leads to disruption, Team Biden will realize)

Investment companies return to the buzzwords to report on how they have not seen sales coming. It’s a perfect storm. With a black-and-white experience (rare and unknown), we are not in need, new season, no karma in the bubble. The facts are well illustrated by Nassim Taleb, a Black Swan writer. You have to be stupid to think that this is a strange, unexpected event.

As we have seen in our area in mid-June, the amount of electricity consumption dropped from 95% to 5% in the first half of the month. Now black oil sells for under $ 100 and returns in the last two days to $ 105. But the downside is there in the futures oil market. This means that futures oil prices are selling at a lower price compared to the current one. Long months are often high due to savings. Therefore in the near future expect oil prices to fall until future prices. November 2023 crude oil sells for $ 80. That is why moving to $ 85 in the real estate market is worthwhile. This will lower oil prices. But as the fall in steel prices also shows that the global economy is weak.

Stock prices have performed well for the weak Wave II meeting since June 21 low. SPX managed 3,740 to 3,901. This moves the index to the bottom line. January to June low, SPX and DJIA are down about 22% this year while tech heavy NASD has already lost 34%.

To make matters worse, many 401K self-help plans have rules that prevent a person from switching from time to time or money. This is a recipe for long-term loss in a time like this.

In the next two years only one method will work, and not buy and hold. We recommend that you use a short jump to get out. Otherwise, children’s retirement will be ‘hard to work.’

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