EDC minbay Pixel Artboard

Digital artists, photographers and photographers may be interested in new EDC tools designed for photography enthusiasts that provide a small digital device that allows you to take pictures wherever you are. Store 20,000 images with 3000 steps each created on a 3.95 inch screen. Featuring 100 color palettes, shortcut buttons and a dedicated app, the Minbay Pixel Artboard is now available via Kickstarter and already has over 400 backers with 36 days to go.

Minbay Pixel Artboard

● Pixel painting focuses on teaching creative thinking, so you don’t need to have previous drawing skills to get started. Great for beginners and kids.

● Includes an on-board library of 100 images that you can download, practice, or get ideas for.

● Each button has a global symbol, including a glossary so that one can learn without having to read a manual. Just enter the settings to see the button description. Click the name of the button and the corresponding voice description will be played.

● In general, a 32 × 32 pixel image requires less than 1000 steps.

● Clearing the paint will also clear the previously drawn paint steps and start painting again.

● To avoid errors, if there is no operation after deletion, the drawing will not save the deleted drawing.

Early bird pledges are now available for the exciting project starting at around $113 or £84 (subject to exchange rates)offering a huge discount of around 38% off the final retail price, when the Kickstarter crowd funding is in.

“minbay Pixel Artboard is an all-in-one art board for easy pixel painting, art storage, and sharing. It is specially designed for quick sketching using a capacitive touch screen including shortcut buttons and multi-color paint. With minbay Pixel Artboard, you can draw at any time “

If the minbay Pixel Artboard campaign successfully raises its promising goal and production goes well, global shipping is expected to take place sometime in late September 2022. To learn more about the minbay Pixel Artboard EDC digital art project watch the promotional video below.

“Shortcut keys on both sides + touch screen = left and right hands match perfectly! Your actions are quick and easy to focus on painting. Don’t let inspiration run away from you! Whenever you get an idea, you can use your finger as a pen to paint intuitively. Explore the universe yours is alive at once!”

For a complete list of available products, stretch goals, media and more for the EDC digital art pad, visit the official minbay Pixel Artboard fundraising website by clicking the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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