Workers at Dodger Stadium could strike at the All-Star Game next week, a union representing workers said on Monday.

Of the food and beverage workers at Dodger Stadium, 99% voted Sunday to allow for neglect, Unite Here spokeswoman Maria Hernandez said in a statement.

The boycott can start β€œat any time,” as the saying goes. The Dodger Stadium All-Star festivities begin on Saturday, with the Futures Game, followed by the home derby on Monday and the All-Star Game on Tuesday.

The employees are employed at Chicago-based Levy Restaurants, the company that oversees the charity activities at Dodger Stadium. Kevin Memolo, a spokesman for Levy Restaurants, did not return a message Monday.

In a statement, the council said it represents about 1,500 “food servers, retailers, assistants, cooks and dishwashers at Dodger Stadium.”

Workers want a “new coalition agreement,” he said. In an interview, Hernandez said he could not provide for the actual needs but said the epidemic has highlighted the differences in housing and health care workers are facing.

“It is the backbone of our tourism and sports business, yet many struggle to afford housing and livelihoods,” said Susan Minato, president of Unite Here Local 11. ” stadium no one should continue to live this way.

Major League Baseball Assn player issued a statement in support of development workers: “MLBPA represents a partnership with the staff at Dodger Stadium represented by UNITE HERE Local 11. Like thousands of football workers across the country, Local 11 members are important but not overlooked in the game industry. “The main. They should be treated fairly and continue to have 1,200 MLBPA members behind them.”

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