The Blaze hopes to promote this in the next season when they play in the top division of WFA, Pro Division. This year, the WFA Pro Division Championship Games were broadcast on ESPN2. Other games were shown online.

“The goal is to inform more people,” said Flato, who is also the Director of Operations league. “The more information we get, the more sponsors will come in to help the players.”

Flato hopes to find a big name agent to sign and sit behind the team – in particular, Denver Broncos. For years, he worked hard on television to get the Broncos front office to recognize his team. With the new Broncos ownership coming up, Flato has big goals … if they can get their support.

“My goal for us since I took over the team eight years ago was to play a small game for the Broncos half so Bronco fans can see the football in Spring,” said Flato. “The Mile High Blaze ladies are ready to make a game for you and give you a football season when the Broncos start.”

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