In the event that contract negotiations between the airline and the union fail to generate a solution, the majority of Delta Air Lines pilots voted to endorse a strike, the labour organisation reported on Monday.
The federal National Mediation Board would need to approve a strike before it could take place. The Air Line Pilots Association claims that they would rather have a contract than go on strike.
Covid terminated contract discussions for the whole aviation sector starting in 2020. The decision on the Delta pilot strike demonstrates how tough it is to pass accords, and now talks have picked back up.
US-based pilots employed by American Airlines, United Airlines, and other American airlines

and Southwest Airlines have recently demonstrated for better contracts at important airports as the industry starts to turn a profit.
Our discussions have been going on for much too long, in the meantime. The Air Line Pilots Association’s goal, according to Capt. Jason Ambrosi, leader of the Delta master executive council, is to reach a resolution rather than go on strike. The Company needs to take the conversations seriously and invest in the Delta pilots now that management is in charge.
Since the pilots are not on strike, Delta claimed that the vote won’t have an effect on its operations and that the carrier and union had made “excellent progress” in their negotiations.

The airline stated in a statement that ALPA’s stated purpose for the vote was to increase its leverage in its continuing contract negotiations with pilots, which are proceeding in accordance with the guidelines established by the Railway Labor Act and with the help of the National Mediation Board. “We are confident that the parties will reach a fair and equitable agreement,” as in prior negotiations.
Earlier this year, the pilots of Alaska Airlines opted to endorse a future strike. The company and the airline’s pilots just agreed on a new contract.