The first launch of the business’s important next-generation imaging satellites is scheduled for the beginning of next year, according to Maxar, a space infrastructure and imagery company.
The business intends to deliver the first two WorldView Legion spacecraft in December, with a January launch by SpaceX.

The company’s network of six imaging satellites, called WorldView Legion, is essential to its ability to secure lucrative contracts from American defence and intelligence organisations. However, the initial introduction of the Legion has been postponed repeatedly, in part because of supply chain and testing problems.

The satellites for the initial launch, according to Maxar, have finished all but the final integration testing.
The news coincides with Maxar’s third-quarter financial release, which showed flat revenue of $436 million and an adjusted EBITDA profit of $110 million, down 2% from the same quarter a year earlier.
However, since the start of 2022, the company’s order backlog has dramatically increased, reaching about $3 billion.
As of Thursday’s price of $20.52, shares of Maxar have decreased 30% this year.