DOH Case: Kaua’i Health Office to conduct research to evaluate COVID-19 trials & emergency preparations

Posted on Jul 12, 2022 in News Department News, Newsroom

COLD – Department of Health (DOH) Kaua‘i District Health Office conducts a Community Health Emergency Response (CASPER) survey to determine how community members view Kaua’i trials of COVID-19 and how to respond to emergencies.

“These responses will help us to understand how the community views our COVID-19 trials over the past two years and continue with previous CASPER research,” said Lauren Guest, Deputy Office for Health in Kaua’i State. “We are very grateful for the participation of the people of Kaua’i in exploring what is happening on the island which enables the health department in Kaua’i district to meet the needs of our people before, after, and after the disaster.”

Research teams will visit door-to-door July 26-29 to 30 tracts to study the population of the most densely populated areas in the region. Seven homes within each paper will be selected for investigation. The research teams consist of DOH staff with the support of the Kaua’i Medical Reserve Corps, and the American Red Cross.

The study lasted about 10 minutes and selected families would be asked about the impact of the epidemic, their response to Kauaʻi COVID-19 response, their emergency response rates, and disaster recovery plans. All survey answers will be confidential, and research teams will not take names or addresses.

Team members should carry identification certificates and wear identification clothing as part of the DOH research team. Research teams will wear face masks and a longer distance will be observed. Participating families can also complete the survey over the telephone.

The CASPER monitoring system was developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to quickly assess the health and other needs of the community in the event of a disaster.

This will be the fifth CASPER study of the Kaua’i Department of Health. View past CASPER reports, at:


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