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If you want to change your clothes or make new fun clothes for your own use or for customer sales you may be interested in new products. Hot printing press which makes it easy to transfer your designs to fabric. If you want to change the fabric of the fabric you may be interested in the new hot printing press called HTVRONT.

The heat transfer method for changing the labels of clothing and accessories is a well-known way to enhance the original decoration and design of T-shirts, tablecloths, fabrics and any other fabrics. Initiation through the Kickstarter project has already raised more than $ 450,000 with 37 days left due to 2,800 sponsors.

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The original bird promises are now available for creative work from about $ 168 or £ 142 (depending on changing prices)offering a significant discount of about 40% on the final sale price, while Kickstarter team funds are within.

“HTVRONT Auto Heat Press, is a metal printing press that brings you the latest heat transfer technology. overcrowded, unmodified, and difficult to use.Many also suffer from uncontrolled heat and compulsion, resulting in inadequate transfers and poor understanding of the users.

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Hot printing press

If the HTVRONT campaign successfully fulfills its promising goal and production goes smoothly, global shipping is expected to happen sometime. To learn more about the HTVRONT project of the hottest heat play the promotional video below.

“HTVRONT provides you with the best way to adjust the temperature with an automatic pressure and a special heating engine. Whether you are a professional designer or a small business owner, heat pressing is a lot more fun with HTVRONT. Auto Heat pressure is now possible! With user experience like Most importantly, HTVRONT has removed the extremely clogged component.

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“Whether you are decorating a thin towel or cloth bag, HTVRONT will take care of you. With its high-performance machine, it uses forcing on objects up to 2.5 cm in diameter.

For a list of available promotional offers, stretch goals, audio recordings and more for the hot springs, visit the official HTVRONT support page by checking the link below.

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