Exercises will be sold at a two-day hospital at MedCenter Greensboro on the Drawbridge Parkway.

Greensboro – Cone Health’s work reduces the cost of exercise at the upcoming two-day hospital. On Thursday, July 14, and Friday, July 15, Cone Health Primary Care & Sports Medicine at Drawbridge Parkway will offer exercise for a minimum of $ 15.

Gymnastics require Guilford County Schools students to try and compete in school sports. Exercises can cost up to $ 100, depending on the location. The hospital alleviates the financial woes of parents as they prepare their students to compete this year.

The hospital will be available to all Guilford County Schools students 12 years and older. Staff will have the assessment forms required for each school on the family page.

The lowest price will be found at MedCenter Greensboro on Drawbridge Parkway, located at 3518 Drawbridge Pkwy. Visits are accepted at the following times:

  • Thursday, July 14: 1-4: 30 pm
  • Friday, July 15: 8-11: 30 am

To schedule an appointment with Cone Health Primary Care & Sports Medicine at Drawbridge Parkway, call 336-890-3148.

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