The Savannah region economy continued to recover COVID in the first quarter of 2022, but growth has slowed since last year, according to the Economic Monitor, a quarterly report from Georgia Southern University Professor Michael Toma.

Mr Toma analyzed most of the data to see if it showed a return to the long-term economic downturn, which shows the resilience of the local economy after several years of instability.

A new car park is being built on Little Neck Road near I-16.

“Overall, the incentive is good. It’s declining. It’s one of the few things that happens as a result of the fluctuations in the manufacturing and tourism industries,” Toma said.

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Tax receipts for tourism-related services such as hotels, motels and rental vehicles have declined from 2021. In the manufacturing industry, shipping rates fell by 8% from the last quarter of 2021 to Q1 2022, according to the report. Retail sales also declined slightly, which could be a sign of rising inflation.

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