The VA NYHHS CPE program is part of the VA’s commitment to education. We have four dwellings and three colleagues roles. The Residency Program is a year-round, full-time program that allows a student to complete four stages of the CPE program. The Fellowship and Mental Health Chaplaincy, an annual program for high school students, past residency is a favorite. Specials in Geriatric Care, Palliative care and Drug Abuse are provided in Fsoci.

Veteran Administration New York Harbor Healthcare System (VA NYHHS) has three schools. The New York Campus and the Brooklyn Campus are excellent hospitals, each with 200 beds. Albans is a long-term caregiver with a 210-bed facility. VA residents and their peers work with the CPE Certified Educator to set learning goals, and students are sent to a school that meets their learning needs. Participants in the program are considered to be part of a group and attend various group meetings in a given area. They work with staff educators who provide medical advice and interviews. The services that CPE students often serve are: Psychiatry, Substance Abuse Recovery Program (SARP), Medical / Surgery, Ambulatory Surgery, Community Living Center, Palliative Care, ICU and other outpatient care facilities as required. Chaplain students also present spiritual groups in front of them and via video, as outpatient care is provided through telehealth.

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