BEIJING — According to Friday’s state media report, China has shortened the quarantine period for visitors from other countries by two days.
According to official media, the new regulations call for a five-day quarantine, followed by three days of home observation, as opposed to requiring visitors to spend seven days in a centralised quarantine facility after their arrival in the nation.
According to the report, the new deadline also applied to close contacts with Covid infections in China.
China stated that it will no longer trace contacts with Covid illnesses outside of their immediate circle. Previously, those with connections to those close acquaintances might be subject to more Covid limitations.

According to the report, the new methods decreased the number of regional risk designations from three to just two: low and high.
Overall, home quarantine was prioritised over centralised quarantine under the new policies.
The measures also put an end to a practise that frequently led to the cancellation of international flights, which were already running at low levels.
The proposed measures aimed for creating a bubble to prevent foreign companies or sports teams from entering China. Chinese nationals entering the bubble must be immunised and may need to remain in quarantine after the event is over, according to the report.

The Hang Seng market rocketed and was up 7% shortly after the news, adding on an earlier gain that came as a result of U.S. statistics that indicated relief from a recent spike in inflation.
The afternoon session saw gains in travel-related companies, with China Eastern Airlines rising 6% and Cathay Pacific roughly 3%.
Shares of casino operators Wynn Macau, MGM China, and Sands China all increased by about 8%.
While the rest of the world has adopted a “living with Covid” strategy, China has maintained its strict zero-Covid policy.

Beijing’s emphasis on what it refers to as “dynamic zero-Covid” has been applied locally with a large deal of fluctuation, which has greatly increased uncertainty and slowed travel.
The previous several days have seen a sharp increase in Covid infections nationwide, reaching levels not seen in about half a year.