More than 300,000 establishments, including pubs and restaurants, will be able to watch “Thursday Night Football” games thanks to an agreement between Amazon’s Prime Video and DirecTV.

The National Football League’s preseason is currently in progress when the announcement is made. San Francisco 49ers vs. Houston Texans will be the first game that will be broadcast simultaneously by DirecTV and Amazon Prime Video on Thursday.

On September 15, Amazon Prime will broadcast the first Thursday Night Football regular season game. Amazon Prime has been expanding the sports options available to its streaming members. Additionally, the games will be televised on the regional broadcast networks serving the teams taking part in a given week.

Amazon is the first streaming provider with exclusive access to a number of NFL games.

The arrangement was a component of a media rights contract for 11 years that the NFL struck with media companies last year. NBCUniversal, which is owned by Comcast Corporation, CBS Sports, which is owned by Paramount Corporation, Walt Disney Co., and Fox Corp., are some of these businesses.

Thanks to an agreement between Amazon and DirecTV, current business clients—including those from hotels, casinos, sportsbooks, and other businesses—can stream Thursday Night Football on Prime Video for no additional charge.

NFL games are something that DirecTV has long offered to its business and residential subscribers. The NFL’s subscription package for out-of-market games, Sunday Ticket, is now owned by the firm but its rights will expire after the 2018 season.

Although Commissioner Roger Goodell stated in July that he anticipates the NFL would choose a streaming provider by the autumn, the league has yet to officially announce a new partner for Sunday Ticket. According to reports from CNBC, Apple, Amazon, and Disney are all competing for the Sunday Ticket broadcasting rights.

Despite the fact that DirecTV isn’t resubmitting a bid for the Sunday Ticket, CNBC has claimed that the firm is still interested in retaining a connection with establishments like pubs and restaurants, which would be similar to the agreement with Amazon Prime for Thursday Night Football.