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If you want to design and build your own robot you might be interested in RobotCreator DX. A complete robotic system that gives you the opportunity to design and build your own intelligent robot based on your preferences. Equipped with the 107-type robot that connects to the NUWA Cloud Platform and is an AIoT integrated function and uses a simple visual interface to eliminate the need to know each number.

“Most robots are fun to make, but the fun is short-lived. Once assembled, robot fans are limited by the limited functionality that allows you to do more, and there is little you can do to keep track of the robot’s shape and form. Have you ever considered owning your own robot? unique? One where you can bring your skills to work the way the robot looks and how it works? An easy-to-use robot but smart enough to be your friend? “

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Assuming that the RobotCreator DX investment campaign effectively raises the required promise goal and fullfilment is going well, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime in late October 2022. For more information about the RobotCreator DX program and build a robot project promotional video below. Precious bird promises are now available for an exciting project starting at about $ 599 or £ 502 (depending on exchange rates here).

Design and build a robot

“Meet RobotCreator DX! A new, customizable robot designed for everyone! Not just a robot, RobotCreator DX is a complete DX platform, cloud computing platform, and MakerBase. whatever you want it to be. “

“RobotCreator DX Kit comes with 107 advanced features and all the tools you need to build right away. No trips to the hardware store or waiting for the pieces. what used to be just a session box. With DX, the completion of the assembly is not over, it’s the beginning! 3D-anything you can think of!

For a list of all available early special birds, extension purposes, TV extras and much more for programming and robot building, jump to the official RobotCreator DX host fund campaign page by visiting the link below.

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