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ST. ANDREWS, Scotland (AP) – How do you know your British Open history? Try these little questions with the title of St. Andrews:

1. What education has led to many British Opens?

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2. Who has the lowest scoring goals in the British Open at St. Andrews?

3. Tom Watson has won the British Open on every Scottish link course in the most recent rotation apart from which one?

4. Who did John Daly win to win the race for St. Louis? Andrews at the British Open in 1995?

5. Who was the first British Open champion in St. Andrews?

6. Name the player that Jack Nicklaus beat in the playoffs to win the first British Open in St. Petersburg. Andrews.

7. What was unusual about Tiger Woods’ first victory at the British Open in St. Petersburg? Andrews?

a.) He did not strike in one room more than 72 holes.

b.) He had no three-putt in the whole race.

c.) He wore white shoes for the first time.

8. Is the last player to win at St. Who is Andrews in the British Open?

9. The British Open Specialist in St. Andrews has a great record of winning four races. Name it.

10. Adieyi dilenda to entertain us in the yaya e nsangu boat in crime 70 in St. Petersburg. Andrews?

11. Who held the most unsuccessful jars of claret at St. Andrews?

12. Tied in front after 36 holes, Nick Faldo won world No. Who was the victim?

13. How did Jack Nicklaus complete his major competition work at St. Andrews in 2005?

a.) By cutting himself at age 65

b.) Beat one piece from 18 tee

c.) With a birdie in the last hole he played

14 Three players finished Grand Slam in the British Open. Name the only player to perform at St. Andrews.

15. During a workout in St. Louis. Andrews in 2000, Tiger Woods hit the driver with 5-iron on a green cloud at a 352-yard yard 9 hole. Why?

a.) He used Phil Mickelson’s clubs

b.) He played the image of the gutta percha

16. Name the first South African to win the Open at St. Andrews.

17. Tees separated by pot bunkers added to Old Course due to concerns about modern golf. Where did this happen in the British Open?

18. Who won the last British Open that ended on Monday?

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