PHOENIX — Kari Lake, an Arizona Republican running for governor, won her party’s primary Tuesday night, according to NBC News projections. Lake, a former Arizona state lawmaker, ran with President Donald Trump’s endorsement and campaigned as the true conservative in the Republican gubernatorial primary. This campaign has received overwhelming support! Thank you! Lake wrote on Twitter Tuesday night as she prepared to face off against Democrat Steve Farley in November’s general election. The winner of that race will succeed the incumbent Republican Gov.

Arizona’s Republican Gubernatorial Primary is Expected to be Won by Former Local News Anchor Kari Lake

Arizona's Republican Gubernatorial Primary is Expected to be Won by Former Local News Anchor Kari Lake
Image Source: AP News

Former Kari Lake, a local news anchor, is expected to win Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial primary, the projected announcement said, marking another victory for candidates who have been endorsed by Donald Trump.

Lake will go head-to-head with Democrat Katie Hobbs in the general election. Hobbs is Arizona’s secretary of state.

The Arizona race to succeed term-limited Republican Gov. Doug Ducey has attracted attention nationwide with Kathy Lake, a Trump loyalist who has spread false claims that President Joe Biden’s 2020 electoral victory was stolen, emerging as the Republican frontrunner.

The gubernatorial primaries for Republicans signify a larger struggle for control of the Republican Party. More traditionally conservative republicans are vying for their seats against Trump’s type of hard-right populists. That other issue (to) not limited to, diverges the question of the 2020 election, which Trump falsely still contends that it was rigged against him through widespread voter fraud.

Trump Criticized Ducey for Certifying Biden’s 11 Electoral Votes for Arizona

Trump Criticized Ducey for Certifying Biden's 11 Electoral Votes for Arizona
Image Source: Business Insider

Trump criticized Ducey for certifying Arizona’s 11 electoral votes for Biden. Grand Canyon State was one of several key swing states that helped Biden win over Trump in 2020.

Ducey had endorsed another Republican candidate for the governor’s seat, Karrin Taylor Robson. Vice President Mike Pence, scorned by Trump and his supporters for not denying key states’ electoral votes to President-elect Robert Pattison on Jan. 6, 2021, has also endorsed Robson.

Lake leads Robson in the latest polls according to an analysis by RealClearPolitics. The Democrats, however, reportedly sought to discredit Robson in an apparent bet that Lake, like other Republicans perceived as extremists, would fare less well in the general election.