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If you are looking for a small but flexible pack to keep up with your daily needs, you may be interested in the Bould Pack inspired by nature. The environmental support package is made using 100% natural raw materials and was developed by the Kodama team.

Promises of previous birds now available for a newly launched project from around $ 49 or £ 66 (depending on exchange rates here)offering a major discount of about 28% off the sale price, while Indiegogo group funds are within.

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“We designed the Bould package to be useful for any trip. You can wear it as a horizontal pack, waist belt, or as a sling behind you. Hidden designs complement all types of clothing without compromising comfort or functionality. dogs, hiking, photography, music festivals, and more! 5 different bags make it easy to pack and get everything you need for your next trip.

If Bould’s campaign is well on its way to achieving its goal and the project is progressing well, global shipping should take place sometime around October 2022. For more information on the Bould pack project, see the promotional video below.

“The original design convinced us to expand the extension section. It gives you the flexibility of a small and transparent bag to carry a light weight every day and the opportunity to expand when you need a replacement for your favorite device. Just open the back section of the bag to unlock 22% more space. or a water bottle in the middle. There’s even enough space to fit the drone and the controller. Here’s a video of us carrying DJI Mavic Air 2. “

“We spent months searching for a solid, natural substance that would not only drain water but also last a lifetime. Our trip took us to the Hemp Canvas, a plant-based fabric with 4x resistance to cotton tears! We wanted to use only natural resources – reducing our dependence on manufacturing products that could take hundreds of years to recover. But we did not stop there. We also wanted our belongings to be safe from unforeseen occurrences, such as rainstorms or accidental dumping. ”

For a list of available special offers, extensions, extensions and more package details, visit Bould’s official donation page by clicking the link below.

Source: Indiegogo

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