Joe Biden has been the President of the United States “not my problem”. Whether it is rising prices, borders, crime, gas prices, departure from the Afghanistan fiasco or a market collapse, Biden has been an expert at pointing the finger at someone.

Take the chain reaction problem. Biden regularly criticizes the lack, empty shelves and calls for everything from cars to tampons to baby sucks on the disruption of “donations”.

I do not remember having a hard time delivering this when Donald Trump was president. Muma?

One of the most exciting aspects of business over the past 40 years has been the “time management”. It was an economic boom that reduced prices and made it look like full shelves in the mall and at Walmart. Then digital age companies like FedEx, UPS and Amazon send you the product on your doorstep.

Why are we now facing the goblins of a chain reaction? Biden says it was because the economy was shut down, then Trump left him with a difficult economy. According to the report, Biden had to “rebuild” and solve problems with cargo ships, airplanes, warehouses and factories.

But that is not even close to the truth. The economy was up for grabs due to the collapse of COVID which halted the economy in early 2020. In the second half of 2020, the economy recovered and started a strong recession. This was the last six months of the Trump administration. There were shortcomings or delays (except when companies were unable to pay employees due to high quality and unemployment benefits). Prices stabilized in the first six months of COVID recovery. After Trump stepped down, inflation was 1.5%, although the economy grew by about 20% in the six months before Biden left.

But, when Biden took over, from where he goes, here, there and everywhere “production challenges” emerged.

Why? First, Biden declared war on the American oil industry, and thus began to form an alliance. Prices went up a lot. He then appointed regulators who drafted anti-climate change laws that disrupted trade flows.

And finally, he put men in a position of responsibility in his government that was unfortunately unsuitable for the job he was doing. Kamala Harris, the second vice president, was responsible for guarding the border, and this was like a letter inviting immigrants to come. Later, Pete Buttigieg was appointed to oversee the movement. He went on paternal leave amidst shipping difficulties and did nothing to alleviate the turmoil at the ports. With planes shutting down thousands of flights and leaving passengers in foreign cities, Mayor Pete resumes. As the well-known aerospace expert Gary Leff of the Wing blog states: “Although Buttigieg criticizes aircraft for their performance, he is the one who is responsible for the problem and is not doing everything he can to solve the problem.” He does a lot as his boss.

In short, the problems caused by supply and rising prices do not go away because no one knows anything about logistics, business, commerce or maintenance.

Stephen Moore is a journalist.

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